Superproducteur : notre partenaire d’apéros et dîners engagés !

Superproducer: our committed aperitif and dinner partner!

Superproducer, you know? It's a beautiful B Corp brand that offers zero-waste aperitifs with their “recipes” of delicious dips or terrines to make delicious savory sandwiches for your committed aperitifs ! And the Oé team has chosen to collaborate with Superproducteur and Le Chocolat des Français to offer you very tempting gift boxes !

Discover the Le Chocolat des Français brand

Oé mini x Superproducer gift box

Can you tell us about Superproducer?

Pauline Bignon, co-founder of Superproducteur: “ Superproducteur is a brand of 100% natural and artisanal recipes cooked by "super producers" directly on the farm or as close as possible to the field! Since 2014, I have been working with Frank Cedolin and a team of 10 people to promote the know-how of our producers to committed wine merchants, independent stores and catering professionals.”

What was the trigger for the creation of Superproducteur? 

“We realized more than 7 years ago now that he had a double problem:

  • the agricultural world in France is silently disappearing (more than 200 farms disappear every week)
  • the agri-food world feeds us badly

To save our farms, our farmers need to earn more money, and have more time. At Superproducteur , we bring them both: time and money! We have created a brand-label to support producers in creating recipes (end products with greater value) from their agricultural production.

“With our system of decentralized micro-workshops, we promote peasant agriculture by offering an additional and profitable distribution circuit to producers”

All catering professionals who want to participate in the relocation of agriculture and food production can be actors in the food transition.”

Superproducer x Oé

What's on the menu?

“Today Superproducteur values ​​the work of more than 15 producers and has created more than 25 organic or transitional recipes , available in different formats and cooked with our producers directly on the farm or less than 150 km from the place of cultivation or farming .

We are always in the process of developing new recipes to offer a really complete gourmet menu, between fine vegetable creams, sea and farm rillettes, antipasti, bread sheets and shortbread biscuits.

Our small formats are perfect for aperitifs in bars or cafes, but we are also working more and more on bulk formats:

  • for chefs in the kitchen they are culinary aids
  • for independent stores a bulk offer”
Superproducer x Oé

What are your commitments? 

Promoting healthy eating, Developing terroirs, Ensuring ecological transition, B Corp

“With Superproducteur, we want to go beyond taste and respect for the seasons, to create truly committed gourmet menus where taste, local and organic take precedence. It's a real challenge!

To achieve this, we have developed a quality charter around 30 criteria to develop a food system that will have a positive impact on the territories by boosting the local economic fabric. We work with and for local producers, artisans in organic farming or in conversion. Our goal is to promote healthy eating while developing territories to ensure the ecological and food transition.

Since 2020, Superproducteur has also been B Corporation certified, as has Oé! The B Corp community really brings together brands committed to improving the food system.”

Oé recertified B Corp in 2020!

Why Oé wines?

“We have a lot of common values ​​with Oé and in particular the fact of valuing the work of producers: winegrowers, market gardeners, breeders. All cultivate simple, good and organic nuggets that require to be valued in wine and in recipes for the pleasure of all.

We also obviously have a real complementarity around the aperitif-dinner, moment of conviviality par excellence! We are really happy with the food and wine pairings on which we collaborated, between the Superproducteur snack recipes and the organic Oé wines.

We also have this strong interest in the return of the locker, which we want to put in place soon (teasing!!)."


What do you think is the best Oé wine pairing x Superproducteur recipe?

The Organic Pork Rillettes with Black Pepper go perfectly with the Côte du Rhône Rouge: the peppery notes of Syrah and the fruitiness of Grenache bring a perfect balance. We enjoy it in a simple aperitif, or prepared in a revisited Pulled Pork Bun !

Côtes du Rhône, rillettes and superproducer aperitif biscuits

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