The wine by the good

Vin engagé

“Committed wines” here, “committed wines” there

At Oé, we use words and phrases to address you or talk about us as a “committed brand”. But what does that mean concretely?

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  • A wine produced with love and passion by the Oé winegrowers located in the four corners of France who take action to preserve biodiversity and regenerate the soil. All our wines are labeled organic, vegan and analyzed without chemical pesticide residues.

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  • A sustainable bottle because it can be reused, without cap, with a label made of recycled paper and with a water-soluble glue.

    Understanding reuse 
  • And a committed brand because each of our decisions is taken to respond to societal challenges. To do good. Since the beginning of Oé in 2019, we have been working to build a more sustainable and transparent business model, more inclusive, with more joy (approved by the team!)

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