Wine with paella

Paella is the gourmet menu of Spain. Who says paella, says good wine to accompany it! From seafood paella to Andalusian paella and Valencian paella , no one can taste it if it is not with a better vintage. If you want to serve paella and you don't know which wine would go best with it, you've come to the right place! Discover everything you need to taste a wine with a paella.

Paella: for the brief history

Paella is Spain's star recipe! This country owes this favorite menu to the province of Valencia. Between the 15th and 16th century, the peasants of the region accommodated in a practical and easy to transport dish, the ingredients likely to be found easily. Rice, green and white beans, tomatoes, and staples are the main vegetables in the recipe.

The sprig of fresh rosemary was also one of the star spices in the paella. But today, it has been replaced by saffron. For meats, chicken, rabbit, and even snails found in this dish, a privileged position. Cooked in a large frying pan, on a wood fire or possibly on gas, the famous paella is served in a large dish where you eat communally.

In 1920, the blacksmith Garcia Montero began manufacturing and marketing the paella dish. Thanks to its technological innovation, paella and its dish are spreading across the country. At the end of the civil war, Spain decided to promote its tourist activities. The paella is for this purpose presented to the world as the emblematic recipe of the country. The price of its ingredients is within everyone's reach. Moreover, its colorful appearance recalls its origin and even better, the Spanish flag.

What wine to serve with paella?

Choosing a wine to taste a dish is not always easy. The basis of this exercise is to study the ingredients of the dish. One of the best tricks is to choose a wine from the same region as the recipe . This way, you will be sure not to make any mistakes when selecting the wine to pair with your menu.

Paella is a recipe known for the richness of its textures. By studying the contents of the dish, we quickly notice that we are in the presence of round rice, white meats and aromatic plants. It would therefore be wise to taste the paella with a wine reminiscent of all the honesty of seafood. The goal here is to prefer a wine that will not sag the dense volume of the meat and break the oily side of the dish.

Red wines with paella

Think about the right balance when choosing a red wine to pair with your paella. If the red wine is too tannic , it would overpower the iron fruit flavor. If it is not very tannic or too light, it will dissipate in the pungent taste of spices and saffron. The ideal is to favor a wine that is both fruity and spicy.

To best taste your paella, opt for a Languedoc wine. The wines of this region are highly recommended to be associated with paella. For example, choose the Esprit Garrique from Domaine Romanissa. With its concentrated and generous aspect, this wine will marry very well with the flavor of saffron, poultry, and seafood.

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White wine with paella

In addition to being very aromatic and bulky, paella is a fatty dish. This is because of the olive oil used for cooking. This is why white wine is, as much as red wine, requested to accompany paella. With its fruity and perfectly structured tone, the white wine will break the fat side of the menu. Avoiding mineral wines prone to dissipating in the oily tone of the dish, prefer white wines with aromas of toast. By doing so, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a powerful wine that will tone down the sharp side of saffron and respect the exquisite taste of chicken and snails.

Opting for wines from the Bordeaux appellation is a very good alternative. An Entre-deux-mers will certainly find a place of choice on your table. This white wine is not very powerful. By opting for this grand cru, you will discover an intense balance when tasting your wine with paella.

Rosé wines with paella

It's proven, rosé wines go very well with paella. Presenting an elegant and fresh tone, the Grand Saint-Paul and the Château Roubine will be your best allies to consume your dish.

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