Wine pairing tips with basquaise chicken

What is the right wine pairing with basquaise chicken?

Basque chicken with wine as an accompaniment is an ideal dish for a successful evening with friends or loved ones. Choosing the right wine to accompany Basque chicken is no small feat. It is necessary to seek a harmony of taste and flavor to make a successful dinner.

Recommended red wine selections

For a successful dinner, it is necessary to choose the right wine as an accompaniment to the basquaise chicken . There are several choices for the Basque chicken wine accompaniment. In this wide and very refined choice of red wines , you can choose the Côtes de Duras and the Côtes de Saint Mont Rouge . These wines are refined and perfect for a romantic dinner, for fans of red wines .

Basquaise chicken is a delicious recipe that goes well with red wine, but with not too woody aromas, to adjust its taste. The food and wine pairings must be well adjusted and perfectly analogous for a successful dinner. This dish is likely to go well with structured red wines where the tannins will blend with the fat of the basquaise sauce . Some red wines are particularly austere with their tannins, such as red Irouléguys or Madirans with the same grape variety .

For some Cabernet Francs, the spicy notes and undergrowth notes with pepper flavors will be highlighted. Cabernet Sauvignon is also a perfect grape variety for this kind of dish. However, there are other combinations of taste and flavor if the choice is red for this dish. It is necessary to favor bright and cheerful reds to give tone to the dinner.

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Recommended rosé wine selections

This dish is more likely to lean on the choice of red, but the possibility of accompanying this recipe with rosé is possible. There are also rosés with strong personalities that are perfect for this dish. These rosés are based on Tannat, Malbec like the local wine of the Lot, or the Tavel. These rosé wines are perfect with notes that are not too woody, to fit perfectly with the structure of the dish.

Rosé is not the first choice when it comes to wine with basquaise chicken , but there are several very interesting rosés for this recipe. For rosé, it has a very strong and powerful note and personality that differentiates it from red. The woody touch adds to the taste of the dish and goes very well with the basquaise sauce of the chicken.

For gourmands, this wine should be consumed in moderation. As for the smarter choice for the case of rosé wine, Tavel is perfect for this dish. Its woody note perfectly matches the taste of the sauce, and goes wonderfully with chicken.

For fans of rosé wines , the woody note is the important criterion to accompany this dish. Indeed, rosé wine, preferably young and dry, will do just fine. And the wine pairings will be very tasty.

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Recommended white wine selections

As for the white wine , a few choices are available to accompany the Basque chicken.

White wine is also used for the preparation of the basquaise chicken recipe. For a successful dinner, opt for a fat white wine with richness. We will rather choose a white wine with southern notes. Indeed, these notes will not stand out with the sauce, and these food and wine pairings will be surprising.

At the beginning, this recipe started with red because the sauce lends itself very well to it, but on the other hand the white wine brings a note of freshness . In addition, white wine goes very well with white meat. In this case, we can then find some tasty and surprising Basque chicken white wine pairings.

Some white wines like the white Châteauneuf du Pape, the white Saint Joseph are to be tried and tasted with the Basque chicken recipe. White Rhônes are also perfect for finding this harmony of flavor between white wine and Basque sauce .

Wines made from Chardonnay are also delicious with chicken.

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