What organic wine to offer to a connoisseur?

"It is practice makes perfect"

There is no secret, to be good in a field you have to get involved. Wine connoisseurs have uncorked more than one bottle and tasted more than one wine before becoming experts. So how can we still surprise them and make them happy?

What organic wine to offer to a connoisseur: offering safe bets

You may have great wine lovers in your entourage . They are very knowledgeable and can quickly differentiate between a bottle of average quality and a good bottle . Don't worry, you can't become an oenologist or sommelier without training. The team gives you some keys to offer good organic wines to your friends.

Know the person well

Let's start at the beginning, an obvious fact that is still important to raise because it makes all the difference. When you give someone a gift , it's easier when you know their tastes . We have all found ourselves in the situation to buy a birthday present for someone to ask the question: “Well, what does he like?”

No exception to the rule, for wine, we ask ourselves the same question.

Wine is an exceptional drink and its complexity is its strength.

There are several types of wine ( red , white , rosé , sparkling ) which are not alike and which each have their particularity. In these categories, you will still find an infinity of differences because the terroir , the grape varieties , the vintage or the vinification method are all factors that make the wine unique.

To please your connoisseur friend, try to find out more about his tastes:

  • Is it more red wine or white wine ?
  • Does he like wines that are very tannic or, on the contrary, very supple on the palate ?
  • Does he love sweet wines, even syrupy ones , or rather dry ones ?
  • Is it a mouth-watering fruity , woody , floral or vegetal wine?

You can ask yourself a lot of questions and the slightest clue is good to take to guide your choice and find THE bottle that suits you best. If you would like us to direct you to Oé wines, write to us at hello@oeforgood.com !

The region and its wine

France is the second largest wine exporting country and it's not for nothing. We have many wine regions that are well known for their great wines .

In customs, we tend to appreciate the wines that come from our regions. For example, if you come from Bordeaux , you are surely unbeatable on the wines of this region and perhaps less connoisseur of the wines of Alsace or Beaujolais .

To hit the bullseye, bet on a wine from the region of the person to whom you want to offer a bottle . You can also offer him a bottle from your region to introduce him to it. A nice gift to open the discussion!

Pairing the typical dishes of a region with the wines of the region is also a timeless classic, so if you invite wine connoisseurs to dinner, think about it to delight them.

Discover on our site our selection of red wines , white wines and rosé wines produced hand in hand with our winegrowers all over France.

Recognized domains

France has been a wine country since the dawn of time, vineyards are part of the French landscape and there are many areas very famous for their good organic and biodynamic wines .

A fine wine connoisseur probably knows many areas but it is very difficult or almost impossible to know them all, even for the most seasoned professionals. So be confident in offering bottles from a beautiful estate because you can at best introduce a prestigious wine , and at worst please someone with a good wine that your friend already knows.

Many of the very good vineyards are maintained using biodynamics , a more natural viticulture and winemaking method that respects the soils and follows the lunar calendar. This practice gives a very particular typicity to the wine where the terroirs and the vintages have a primordial role.

Here are some areas recognized in biodynamics that we particularly appreciate:

  • Château Gasqui in the Côtes de Provence
  • Domaine Laguerre in Languedoc-Roussillon

  • Our winegrowers also work in organic farming and for some in biodynamics . You can find our interviews with our winegrowers on our blog and on our instagram to understand their approach to wine culture. Are you tempted?


    If you don't know much about wine and you want to please an amateur, you can use the appellations to find good value for money . The appellations are subject to specifications and make it possible to ensure a certain quality of the wine. The origin of the grapes , the grape varieties used, the respect of the vinification methods , many elements are taken into account. For example, a Champagne is made in Champagne so that it can bear this name.

    The AOC (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée) or AOP (Protected Designation of Origin) labels are used to identify a wine produced in a specific region with the know-how of the region to ensure the quality of the wines.

    The IGP label (Protected Geographical Indication) is used to highlight the grape varieties of a geographical region , on the other hand, the know-how and the wine- growing techniques are less controlled.

    You can also refer to appellations such as crus and grands crus . This type of distinction was born in 1855 thanks to Napoleon III who wished to honor the best wines of Bordeaux , and more precisely of the Médoc. He therefore makes a list of prestigious wines divided into five levels of Grands Crus that he wishes to highlight. There are famous castles, such as Château Latour , Château Margaux and Château Mouton Rothschild . The Grands Crus appellations have developed and each region has made its own classification, adopting its own appellations such as in Burgundy where there are “ Grands Crus ” and “ Premier Crus ”, in Provence where you will find “ Crus Classés ” or in Alsace which only includes the notion “ Grand Cru ”.

    These wines are a safe bet and reflect an exceptional wine.

    Indulge yourself with our Châteauneuf-du-pape , a prestigious appellation, the first AOC in France in the Rhône Valley .

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    What organic wine to give to a connoisseur: gift ideas to discover new flavors

    Sometimes you don't have to stay on your laurels and go explore further. A wine connoisseur is always on the lookout for new nuggets to feed his wine cellar . To please him, several choices are available to you!

    Wines for laying down and their aromas

    To satisfy your loved ones, wine connoisseurs, you must turn to wines that have it in the bottle. A wine for laying down is made to last over time and improve with age .

    As it ages , the wine continues to develop its aromas . The tertiary aromas (which appear during ageing) are even more expressed and give the wine interesting flavors. For example , you can find aromas of vanilla , woody aromas or even burnt notes . The wines for laying down invite you to travel . The aging of the wine also makes it possible to soften the tannins and give a very pleasant tannic structure on the palate.

    By reading this article , you will discover our tips for storing your wine when you don't have a cellar.

    If you don't know which wines you can keep for a long time, don't hesitate to ask your wine merchant . Oenology is a passion that is shared and through discussions, knowledge is passed on!

    The wine route

    Who hasn't dreamed of traveling through France while tasting wine? Well know that this dream can be a reality because there are discovery circuits already ready for each of our beautiful French wine regions. As a couple, with family or friends, this experience is unforgettable and this gift idea is perfect for strengthening ties.

    Of course, you can also make your own itinerary according to your preferences, your availability and your desires to fully enjoy the tasting .

    You will be able to revel in the beauty of the French landscapes by criss-crossing the roads while discovering marvelous wine cellars . For the bravest, you can cycle the route! After the effort, comfort.

    Imagine yourself tasting a good Côtes-du-Rhône with a breathtaking view of the vineyards of the Rhône Valley , the setting sky and the wind blowing slightly to refresh your skin, which is still warm from the effort you have produced.

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    Boxes and subscriptions

    The crazier we are, the more we laugh, the more wine there is, the more we toast!

    The wine boxes are perfect for allowing your friends to taste different kinds of wine: red, white and rosé . It is the ideal gift to vary the pleasures.

    At Oé, we have created different boxes to satisfy all your desires with your budget .

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    Monthly subscriptions are good solutions for having fun all year round.

    “Mom always said: life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get” Forrest loved that, and at Oé we're quite adept at the concept. So for wine it's the same. Being surprised each month by a box of wines and discovering authentic wines is rather tempting, isn't it?