Our mission

Our mission is to bring about transformation by making agriculture, consumerism and business a force for good.

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Oé is working to change the law to save thousands of tons of waste.

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What we believe in.

Welcome to the world of Oé. If you're reading this today, you’re joining the adventure of a brand that wants to change the world. 
Do you want to know more about what drives us and what we fight for every day? Did you know that vines account for less than 4% of agriculture in France but more than 20% of pesticide use?
When we learned this, we realized that we can make a difference. We started small, removing the capsules from our wine bottles, before launching prominent campaigns for the preservation of biodiversity and soil regeneration.
We're creating a new business model built on joy, inclusion and transparency. A model that’s as sustainable as it is future-forward.
We’re particularly proud that Oé has been B Corp certified since 2017. Our score of 97.9 points reflects our commitment to making wines that do good and taste good, hand-in-hand with independent winemakers.
We'll always strive to push the boundaries further—and we still have a long way to go. Will you join us?
Let's do good together. 
The founders, Fx and Thomas, and the Oé team
  • Drinking with purpose

    By choosing wines produced by Oé winemakers, you're supporting the reuse of bottles and the regeneration of biodiversity.

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  • Our winemakers

    We work hand-in-hand with growers all over France to further organic farming practices and implement projects to actively boost biodiversity.

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  • The Oé team

    Our team are at the heart of our mission and a business model built on joy, inclusion and transparency.

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