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What we believe in

Oé, we act for the good of the planet by drinking good wine. Because today, the vine is less than 4% of agriculture and more than 20% of pesticides. Grapes are the most pesticidal fruit. It's sad. So we decided to shake the bunch with you!

What you will achieve with Oé: good wine, organic and vegan, committed winegrowers, preserved biodiversity, good with B Corp and our status as a company with a mission & a team that opens it up. What we believe in is raw.

Our mission is to promote sustainable agriculture and a benevolent way of consuming. Concretely ? We are committed to responsible attitudes and choices on a daily basis on the subjects of deposit, zero waste logistics, the Oé program for biodiversity. Our premises are powered by renewable energy. And of course, with the good wine that we offer you.

Let's do good together with good!
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With the Oé winegrowers, we put an end to pesticides

The vine is 4% of agriculture in France and 20% of pesticides. We want to stop this. We now know how to produce differently, in particular thanks to a rich ecosystem around the vines and in the soil. As for example with agroforestry, green manures, nesting boxes for birds and bats, plantations of lavender, olive trees, truffle oaks and beehives to promote biodiversity in the vineyards.

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The best waste is the one that doesn't exist.

Oé is the first wine brand to reintroduce the deposit in France. The deposit is a brick of Zero Waste Logistics on which we are advancing at the moment.

The deposit saves 33% of water compared to a new manufactured bottle, reduces the energy consumed by 76% and emits 79% less greenhouse gases.

We took on the crazy challenge of moving towards zero waste with Sonia, logistics manager at Oé. Today, we are proud to say that 9 of our 12 organic wine references arrive at our premises in wooden crates and are delivered in boxes to our partners. A traditional wine palette is 125 bleached boxes, 100 meters of tape, 750 labels, so 150 meters of glassine, 750 corks and 35 meters of plastic film, not to mention the ink that we have on all of them. cartons and bottles. That's all we get rid of with the wooden crates. We are proud to have redesigned our boxes to reduce the use of FSC-certified cardboard, with vegetable-based, recycled and solvent-free inks.

We still have a long way to go and we can't wait to move forward on these topics with you!

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Biodiversity our fight

We devote 1% of our turnover to the Oé Program for Biodiversity. It aims to instill a change in culture: to deploy a positive ecosystem in the vines, from the general public to the vines. For this, the objective is to encourage biodiversity among Oé winegrowers by implementing concrete, simple actions, adapted to their needs. We surround ourselves with the best partners to help winegrowers go beyond organic: EcoFarms to assess the environmental and social performance of winegrowers' holdings and provide avenues for improvement to promote biodiversity, Biomède to analyze and regenerate soils and MiiMOSA to help us co-finance these actions.

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Label B Corp & Enterprise in Mission

We obtained the B Corp label in 2017 and we were recertified in 2020 with 97.9 points out of 200 . To be labeled, you need a minimum total of 82 points. Being B Corp always means pushing the envelope further and moving the lines. Whether internally with employees, for suppliers and for the planet, the B Corp challenge is a real challenge to be met.

Becoming a company with a mission was the logical next step for Oé after our B Corp recertification and our commitment to biodiversity and waste reduction. Our objectives: To offer organic products and zero pesticides, to build our offer around zero waste & to deploy the Oé Program for biodiversity. We look forward to continuing to share this adventure with you.

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We have to do even better

We are well aware of the role we have, each of us and as a company. Entrepreneurship is a huge lever for responding to societal challenges and Oé was founded to do good.

We are far from perfect but we are working on it.

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