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Do you want to distribute our wines? Restaurant, café, hotel, distributor, grocery store, shop, in France or abroad, Oé offers a range of organic, vegan and delicious products.

To find out more about Oé products and the range, contact us by clicking below and our team will get back to you quickly to help you build your wine offer.

  • Distribution

    Oé takes care of all the logistics of the product, from the winemaker to your home.

  • Tasting

    Test our range of wines in your restaurant by making an appointment with our team.

  • Deposit option

    If you wish, we will help you implement the deposit on reusable bottles.

Découvrez les témoignages de nos clients

The best waste is the one that doesn't exist

Oé is the first wine brand to reinstate deposit and reuse in France. The deposit saves 33% of water compared to a new manufactured bottle, reduces the energy consumed by 76% and emits 79% less greenhouse gases.

Our team supports you in setting up and managing reuse and deposit. A small gesture to change the way we distribute.

Oé, taste with purpose

Our project is to transform agriculture, consumption and business in the service of Good.

Our objectives: to offer organic products and zero pesticides, to build our offer around zero waste, to deploy the Oé Program for biodiversity to help farmers.

Our Zero Waste White Paper

Since 2019, Oé has embarked on the zero waste adventure. The objective is to bring a new vision to logistics with radical choices to reduce the waste generated.

All of this has made it possible to reduce our waste by 25% in the warehouse in 2 years, and it is estimated that 1.7 tonnes of waste have been avoided between May 2022 and May 2023.

If you would like to know more about our approach, download our White Paper.