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For the past few months and as soon as our new bottles of organic wines were released in May 2020, we have been keen to offer our bottles at points of sale to be closer to you.

They talk about us...

Romain, purchasing, quality and operations manager at the Lyon caterer Delibio :
"Common sense and good taste are a matter of choice for us. The Oé offer fits perfectly with our offer and our products. By offering good, organic, vegan, zero pesticide, Made in France wines and produced in the best conditions with the winegrowers, we can only offer the best option to our customers. The modern communication that you offer also appealed to us (laughs)."
To read Romain de Délibio's interview, it's 👉🏼 here
Salem, founder of Baobab Lab :
"We have long been looking for a partner who can supply us with quality organic wine, and also a supplier who advocates the same values ​​as us.​ ​The meeting with Oé confirmed to us that "impossible, not French", and that our collaboration was consistent with their Made in France products. The wines correspond perfectly to our quality charter: a (very) good wine, 100% organic, a committed, responsible brand that does "good through good" as Oé says so well! Eating better, drinking better, consuming responsibly and supporting local employment in our French companies. In short, exactly what we were looking for."
To read the full interview with Baobab Lab, it's by 👉🏼 here
You want to see your organic wines near you? Write to us at to suggest your favorite points of sale. We will be happy to make sure your wishes come true ;-)