At Oé, we have always been keen to offer you good wine , organic , vegan and zero pesticide wine produced hand in hand with Oé winegrowers. Certified B Corp , Oé and its team make every effort to do the common good, such as being the first brand to bring the deposit up to date!

Box of Oé organic wines

The concept of the organic wine box

The organic wine box is a box made up of two or six bottles that you compose yourself or that we offer you to order in one click. The idea is to offer you a good gift idea to offer or offer yourself to share moments with your loved ones. In these wine boxes, you can make a beautiful melting pot of different grape varieties and appellations: Pinot Noir , Syrah , Chardonnay , Malbec , Carignan , Gamay for the grape varieties, and Côtes-du-Rhône , Languedoc , Bordeaux , Corbières , Méditerranée , Châteauneuf-du-Pape , Côtes-de-Bergerac , Bugey , Vaucluse for the appellations and terroirs . And of course you build up a nice assortment of white and red wines .

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Order my ready-made gift box 

With our 12 organic wine references , the selection of organic wines allows you to mix and match your boxes to make them the ideal gift for the holidays. You can choose to receive 2 bottles of delicious wine monthly at your doorstep for 6 months. The idea, you mix the references to offer you new taste experiences every month. For lovers of good food and wine pairings, visit our blog to discover delicious recipes such as focaccia with mushrooms and raw ham , saffron risotto with scallops , grilled prawns with fennel and grapefruit , and the vegetarian Bourguignon for example!

I discover the recipes of the Oé team to accompany my good wines

The organic wine box means discovering the Oé wine range

Drinking organic Oé wine means making a stronger commitment and supporting sustainable viticulture . Drinking Oé, discovering our box of organic wine, is also voting for a better world , and proving that we can consume less and better , good and organic , local and affordable . This is why we are committed on a daily basis with the team to offer you a box with good wines produced with love with the Oé winegrowers. Each wine is selected with love for the team and the winemaker who produces it. We even make certain wine blends with them once the vinification is finished.

On the oeforgood.com website and in our organic wine box, you will find the following organic wine cuvées: Red Côtes-du-Rhône , White Côtes-du-Rhône , Red Bordeaux , White Bordeaux , Red Languedoc , Languedoc white , Vaucluse Principality of Orange red , Bugey white , Châteauneuf-du-Pape red , Côtes-de-Bergerac sweet , Corbières rosé , Méditerranée rosé , Crémant and other organic wines to come on different appellations or wine regions.

I discover the range of organic wines Oé

All the vineyards of the Oé winegrowers are certified organic , some even biodynamic . We visit the vineyards very regularly to help our winegrowers push the envelope even further in their organic practices and in the cellar. For example, we work with them by offering them an analysis of the soil and solutions for regenerating them, an inventory of the species in their vines and how to find the best solutions to coexist with them and invite them to settle permanently, helping them to find the best partners (renewable energy suppliers, cardboard suppliers, etc.), and encourage them to reduce their use of plastics, etc.

For all organic wine lovers , we have decided to present two Oé wines to you: white wine from Bordeaux and red wine from Côtes-du-Rhône.

burgundy white
  • Bordeaux is a dry white wine produced hand in hand with our winemaker Pascal in Saint Michel de Lapujade, on the Entre -deux-Mers terroir . This Bordeaux is a blend of Sauvignon, Sémillon and Muscadelle, the emblematic grape varieties of the Bordeaux region. This wine goes wonderfully with warm goat cheese salads, fish and seafood, as well as artichoke risottos.
Côtes du Rhône red

  • Côtes -du-Rhône is a red wine produced with love by Denis, Oé winemaker in Visan. This delicious cuvée is a blend of Grenache and Carignan. It goes perfectly with delicious eggplant lasagna for summer and spinach and mushroom lasagna for cooler days.

These two bottles of wine are essential in the selection of Oé wines and make it possible to offer an original gift to slip under the tree for parties and occasions.

Offer the wine box for the holidays or for an occasion

Whether it's for the Christmas holidays, for a birthday or a meeting, the Oé organic wine box allows you to spend some time around good bottles of wine to share with family, friends or your loved one. Depending on your tastes and when you want to open your bottles, you can select them according to the food and wine pairings . The Oé team offers to help you select your wines from the organic wine box. You can place your order directly on the oeforgood.com website .

Depending on everyone's tastes, we can associate a bottle with your wine box. The aromas of the wines are explained to you on each of the wine sheets on the site with more information on the color , the mouth , the nose of the wine as well as explanations and conservation advice . What to exchange with your loved ones during the tasting or your aperitifs . You will also find the story of each winemaker with whom we produced the bottle of wine on video.

If you wish to offer an organic wine box to one of your loved ones, we also offer the personalization of the box with a handwritten sweet note. We can slip in a nice blank Oé card to fill in, or we write it for you if the box is delivered directly to the person in question.

Email us at hello@oeforgood.com to find out more about wine pairings and our range of organic wines .

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