Offer organic wine as a wedding gift: our advice

“It's the intention that counts”

The most beautiful thing about a gift is the gesture, not the object itself, but when you also aim correctly, it's the icing on the cake! Seeing the smile on the face of the person to whom it is offered is an incomparable sensation. Making your loved ones happy is a breath of fresh air.

Marriage: an opportunity to please

Father 's Day , Mother's Day , Valentine 's Day , birthdays , say there are occasions to please your loved ones. Marriage is still sacred… So don't miss it!

A moment of sharing

“They married and had many children”

Does it speak to you? In any case, we do!

Whether you were rocked by the wedding of Shrek and Fiona, that of Kate Middleton and Prince William or Tonton Gaston and Tata Sandra, the smiles and tears have surely marked you.

It 's the big day, long awaited for many couples, and we can tell you that at the organizational level, you have to hang on. Between the people to invite, the places to choose and book, the meals to imagine, the decoration to find and so on, the wedding is not an easy task. For the bride and groom , it's fun, and above all work. For the guests the puzzle is very simple but not the least! What gift to give ?

Offering wine, a good gift idea?

Gift ideas there are many and it is more difficult to know which is the right one. To maximize the chances of success, turn to gifts that make sense .

Wine and marriage have been one since the dawn of time. These two friends make a pair during the vin d'honneur, a moment of tasting and sharing just after the ceremony where the newlyweds can chat with their guests. The good wines and the good champagnes are out and the petits fours accompany them to mingle with the party . So offering wine to the newlyweds won't do any (wine) stains and they will definitely like it!

If the newlyweds are wine lovers , good bottles of organic wine , organic wine boxes , a wine subscription or organic wine gift boxes are therefore a no-fail. There is something for every budget and every taste .

There is more than one good reason to offer good organic wine to the bride and groom.

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PS: Don't forget to warn the newlyweds that the gift is fragile, we know all too well the blow of the hamster shaken in all directions, it would be a shame if your beautiful bottle ends up in a thousand pieces... and with the beautiful white dress stained!

The newlyweds: what wines to make them smile?

What budget to offer organic wine at a wedding

Luckily for us, pleasure is priceless and that's true for wine. A wine for more than €100 a bottle can give you as much pleasure as a wine for less than €7 a bottle.

Of course, the price can still help guide your choices, high-end wines will generally be more expensive because they meet very demanding standards.

The Châteauneuf-du-Pape appellation , for example, is one of the great French vintages, recognized throughout the world.

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If your budget is not very high, rest assured, there are little tricks to be able to please the bride and groom with very good wines . Grands crus are controlled appellations which must meet certain criteria ( terroir , grape varieties , vinification ). Some parcels allow the production of grand cru , which will therefore be more expensive, but the neighboring parcels which are just as good do not allow the production of wine which will have the appellation . For this reason, you can find very good PGIs (Protected Geographical Indication) close to certain great wines at much more affordable prices.

There are hundreds of estates in France that operate in organic or biodynamic agriculture and not all of them necessarily highlight it as for the Domaine de la Romanée Conti. Did you know that the domain of the most expensive bottle in the world works in biodynamics? This is a Romanée Conti sold for more than €488,000 at auction .

So to find out more, don't hesitate to talk to your winemaker or look for information on the internet. For example, you can stroll around the site of Château Grillet , Château Pontet-Canet or Domaine Leflaive and immerse yourself in their history to understand their transition to biodynamics and discover their prestigious wines .

The winegrowers are obviously all followers of organic viticulture , but also biodynamic for some. At reasonable prices , you can treat the bride and groom with good wines that make sense .

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Choose the wine according to the region

A beautiful chateau that bears witness to its time, an unobstructed view of the vines , breathtaking light… yes, wedding venues are often magical.

We are lucky, France is a country that offers an endless diversity of landscapes. Between the pines of the Landes, the creeks of the Mediterranean , the plateaus of the Massif Central and the mountains of Beaujolais, we no longer know where to turn.

Fortunately, when you are invited to a wedding you don't have to make this difficult choice and you can let yourself be carried away by the beauty of the landscapes. To honor the region and offer an original wedding gift but in the theme, you can turn to wines from the region . It's faultless.

A sip of wine is a guaranteed journey and the aromas of wine are often a reflection of the terroir on which they grew. A typical wine from the region therefore allows the newlyweds to immerse themselves in this day so magical for them. For example, if the wedding takes place in Provence, a good white wine with notes of lavender will surely please the couple and will work as an elixir of youth !

Please the newlyweds with our selection of red wine , white wine and rosé wine from Provence , Côtes-du-Rhône , Languedoc Roussillon , Bordeaux or Vaucluse .

Make a personalized gift

The wedding is not every day so you want to mark the occasion by offering a personalized gift . For that, leave room for your creativity and you will see that the field of possibilities is immense.

A unique experience to make your own wine , a personalized label on which you can put the photos of your choice or insert a sweet note that comes out of your hat.

At Oé, Sonia takes care of writing the moo, little words that you want to send with your bottles to make a gift . These touching attentions always make the recipient smile and when you wink, the person concerned is all the more flattered. To tell you the truth, there are some so cute that at Oé we decided to take some of them to make posters and decorate our premises.

So if you want to send a nice message to the newlyweds without having to take the microphone in front of everyone and see all the faces pointing at you, a personalized note is the ideal solution!

You can also decide to choose an even more subtle personalization , such as a wine whose vintage is significant for the couple ( the year of the wedding, the engagement, the meeting, the first kiss, etc. ).