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What if we took advantage of this glass to question the vision of the world we had in the 2020s?

Our lifestyles and consumption patterns have a direct impact on the climate and biodiversity, threatening the survival of thousands of living species on our planet.

And if by tasting this bottle of wine we looked back on everything that had contributed to changing the situation? To change these habits, we knew how to imagine others, change our ideals, vibrate around new stories beneficial to the realization of a desirable future. Remember , the average temperature of the globe had dangerously increased, the sixth mass extinction had started and we had refused to live under 50 degrees in the summer, high on pesticides and on the verge of burn-out because pushed to always more performance.

So we invite you to come back to the story that we had built together, full of hope, with some keys and alternatives that do us good! Here are 3 steps to revisit the 20 years that changed everything...

Share what your future looks like in 2040

on social networks, in writing, in audio or video with the hashtag #OéEstPrêt

The Mediterranean rosé On Est Prêt


Mediterranean PGI, Provence
75 cl, 13.5%Vol

The team takes you to the south of France, to Brice, Oé winemaker in Arles, to taste this famous Mediterranean rosé. It is made from the following grape varieties: Syrah, Caladoc and Merlot, and is perfect for your tomato-mozzarella, mixed salads and vegetable plancha, you can also enjoy it all year round as an aperitif!

Oé donates 10% of its sales to the On Est Prêt movement

*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health

Oh is ready

As you can see, Oé and the On Est Prêt movement are moving forward hand in hand to ask you about your vision of the future and all that we will have changed and improved in 20 years if we all play the game together. Through this collaboration, we want to spark discussions, provoke debates by allowing ourselves to dream, to project ourselves, to imagine a future, your future. Around a bottle, with family or friends, let's strengthen our imaginations to be able to realize them over the next 20 years. Are you ready ? Health !

For further...

We offer you a lexicon filled with books, films, series, podcasts and training to feed your minds and commit you ever stronger for our planet!

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