Choose your wine with couscous

Pairing wine with couscous, which wines to choose?

In France, the land of wine, the consumption of wine is linked to the consumption of specific foods. Couscous is one of the most appreciated dishes by the French. It used to refer to a mixture of semolina and chickpeas. But over time, the recipe evolved. To the dish were added a meat stew and a mixture of vegetables. To appreciate a spicy dish like couscous, it is necessary to choose the right wine to associate.

Ingredients, factors determining the choice of wine

The ingredients used in the preparation may vary from one recipe to another. There are therefore several couscous dishes with various ingredients. Since couscous is made up of several ingredients, it is important to consider each constituent.

Vegetables and semolina are neutral flavored ingredients. Due to the neutrality of their flavors, these two ingredients do not greatly influence the choice of wine. However, of medium densities, these two ingredients, once mixed, will give substance in the mouth. To compete with this, wine with significant density is advised.

The meat, on the other hand, gives several flavors depending on the type of meat used in the dish. The different types of meat (red, white or pink) can influence the choice of wine. So whether it's beef, fish, lamb or chicken, the choice of wine can vary.

When raisins are added to dishes, couscous get a slightly sweet flavor. The chosen wine must therefore offer a balance between suppleness and power. It should in no way spoil the subtlety of the dish.

The spice is also a factor not to be forgotten. Whatever the couscous dish, it will surely contain some spices (curry, chilli, paprika, harissa, etc.). They should also be highlighted. A spiced wine is therefore the best solution. A spiced wine is therefore the best solution to savor this spicy broth.

Which red wine to choose?

The choice of wine color may vary depending on the meat. When the couscous contains red meat, red wine should be preferred. However, not all red wines are appropriate to accompany couscous dishes. The red wine chosen should be rather young, with a fruity flavor and with an intermediate amount of tannin. To create a perfect accompaniment, with spices and meat Côtes de Provence, Côtes du Rhône or Languedoc are more appropriate.

Côtes de Provence: these are AOC wines, that is to say with a controlled designation of origin. Côtes de Provence red wines have the characteristics sought for the wine-couscous pairing. These wines can present several notes: notes of red fruits, notes of black fruits or even vegetal notes. Added to these notes is also a spicy undertone that goes well with the spicy flavor of couscous.

Côtes-du-Rhône: these are also AOC wines, coming exclusively from the terroirs of the Rhône valley. Generally made from Syrah and Grenache, these wines go perfectly with the desired profile: a measured power, a fruity or spicy flavor...

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The Languedoc: Faugères, Corbières or other appellations, the wines of Languedoc-Roussillon are good quality wines. They also meet the criteria sought for a perfect marriage with the meat and the spices of the couscous.

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However, you don't need a wine with too much power, such as Châteauneuf du Pape or red Bandols.

What rosé wine with couscous?

Rosé also goes well with couscous, especially when it is made with white meat (chicken) or in the case of vegetable couscous. For a royal couscous, the ideal is therefore a rosé wine . Since harissa is a fairly strong spice, one must choose a wine with considerable power and which would not be easily overpowered. Instead, rosé wines made from Syrah and Grenache should be preferred. We can mention the Sidi-Brahim rosé.

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This wine has a peppery aroma that goes perfectly with the spicy dish that is couscous. There is also the Tavel which is a peppery rosé. It is a blend of Cinsault, Syrah, Mourvèdre and Grenache. It goes well with the spicy flavor of couscous dishes. You can also opt for a Côtes du Rhône rosé, a Faugères rosé or a Gris de Boulaouane rosé.

What white wine with couscous?

As for white wine, a lot of professionals are reluctant to make the agreement, because white wine is not very dense. It will be overwhelmed by the density and richness of the couscous dishes. However, in the case of a fish couscous, white wine is recommended. There should be considerable density, and an acid note to pair well with the dish.

The best choice therefore turns to aromatic white wines from Provence or Languedoc. You can also opt for wines made from a Viognier grape variety. This grape variety makes it possible to produce fruity and spicy wines. A white Saint Chinian can also go well with fish couscous.

It is easy to easily find the wines that go well with the different couscous dishes thanks to the internet.

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