Which wine with osso bucco?

The osso bucco , what feeling does this name evoke? The nostalgia of a Roman theater or rather that of the nocturnal song of a Venetian gondolier? In both cases, we are of course an Italian tune. To be more precise it is a spicy meat dish . A gastronomic treasure where you can only find all the flavors from the four corners of the world.

Variants of osso bucco

Besides the cooking of the meat which is supposed to be impeccable, it is the preparation of the sauce which makes this dish unique. A more or less hot sauce joins harmoniously with the veal. To this recipe are added tomatoes, lemon peel, without omitting the white wine . The latter is also the key element that will give the dish its particularity, that sweet and sour taste that makes the finest gourmets dream so much. And if the thinly sliced ​​veal is the centerpiece, the osso bucco can also be simmered with other meats, namely turkey , pork , and even beef , the garnish remaining unchanged. On the other hand, you can give free rein to your creativity. For example, you can add local vegetables , and why not grapefruit (juice and quarters) even if it means obtaining a fresher, more original dish. Well prepared and accompanied by rice, fresh pasta, parsley and gremolata, it can only be delicious.

The original recipe: its key elements

Without spreading on the marinade , the dish is obtained by covering the pieces of shank with flour. Brown them then simmer over low heat. You can serve them with pasta or rice. Also, for an osso bucco worthy of the name, you should not forget to serve the dish with gremolata, a preparation made with minced garlic, orange zest and parsley on top. This preparation plays a vital role since it enhances the tender flavor of the main ingredient. The white wine guarantees the tangy aspect of the sauce. A rather complicated cuisine, but which is delicious, especially if accompanied by the appropriate organic wine . The thing is, it's not always an easy task, because of all the ingredients that aren't favorable to it.

Which type of wine for which osso bucco?

If the sauce tends to explode in the mouth, it will not be less for the choice of wine, at least, if you really want to highlight the dish. We will thus prefer original, very aromatic accompaniments, “very” and not “too” fruity. Indeed, an excess of generosity can only harm the delicacy of the Osso bucco. The biggest challenge for the sommelier, here, will then be to choose which wine with osso bucco , to bring out the delicious taste of the veal. It is imperative that its flavor is not dominated by the garnish and that when tasting, one can really feel its presence.

As for the ripe red fruits , their aroma does not displease. This is why we will favor red wine over other types of wine. But that will largely depend on the recipe itself. With a very strong sauce, the choice will naturally go to red wine aged at least 3 or 4 years. With a very fresh citrus osso bucco, on the contrary, a rosé wine would be more appropriate. That said, it is strongly recommended to avoid wines that are too creamy, which give the impression of red fruit coulis, for example.

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Classic side dish ideas

Finding which wine to pair with an osso bucco is not as simple as it sounds. That's why professional tasters offer some tips to accompany our classic recipes.

So, naturally, osso bucco and red wine form an inseparable couple. We will favor wines with rather acidic and spicy flavors. The first proposal was then for Valpolicella from Veneto, made up of 40% fruit. Also, if you want acidity, you are well served with Montepulciano d'Abruzzo. Far from these cheap bitter wines, these products go very well with Osso bucco , especially the latter (Montepulciano d'Abruzzo) which unites vigor and freshness, quite simply to magnify the taste of meat. In addition, Piedmont lets you discover the gastronomic finesse of its region with the Barbera d'Alba. Frankly, there is no better choice to pair with a Milanese osso bucco. Also on this side, the DO C Monferrato dolcetto or the barbera d'Asti will also do wonders for this dish of veal shanks originating in and typical of northern Italy. And finally, to complement a turkey osso bucco , an aperitif from the South-West will do the trick. Thus, we strongly recommend both the Pacherenc-du-vic-bilh and the Côtes-de-Gascogne.

Red wines to pair with osso bucco

Since any dish requires a thoughtful companion, the Osso bucco is no exception. Between Bandol Rouge, Barolo Rouge, passing by Brunello di Montalcino, Buzet or Châteauneuf-du-Pape … here are the brands appearing in the top 5 of the best wines in this field. Then we have the Chianti Classico followed closely by the Côtes de Provence. If some are favored thanks to their aromas, others are recommended because of their power in the mouth. And let's not forget, we are talking here in the language of red wines. Also, among the purely Italian wines, the Montepulciano of Abruzzo or the Dolceto of Piedmont emerge from the mass. On the side of France, we rather suggest Chorey-lès-Beaune, pinot noir from Jura or even wine from the Hautes Côtes de Beaune. Their common point is that they are neither too heavy nor too light, and just perfect.

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What to offer for white wine lovers?

Although red wine is the perfect accompaniment to osso bucco, there are a few white wines that marvelously marry the strong flavors of this dish. The list includes that based on the Malvasia Pontinata grape variety from Lazio or that based on the Vermentino grape variety. And without leaving the Italian borders, the Vernaccia di San Gimignano, which also tastes very good. We prefer, for this purpose, Italian wines to pay tribute to this legendary dish. This does not, however, call into question the taste delicacy of its French variants which are, most certainly, the white wine of Roussillon and that of Languedoc .

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Rosé wine to recall the freshness of the dish

Unlike white wine, the osso bucco rosé wine pairing is quite common, in Italy as in France. In its country of origin, Costières de Nîmes, Bandol Rosé, Le Patrimonio or Tavel Rosé are good alternatives. On this account, we can also list the Pic Saint Loup Rosé, the Irouléguy Rosé, not to mention the Côtes de Provence Rosé. The main thing is to combine them with a citrus osso bucco , not too spicy. This is why Vin-de-Corse would be a good accompaniment to osso bucco with risotto, a dish specific to the summer seasons. The recommendation concerns the rosé signed Catherine Bernard, a wine worthy of this Italian favorite dish.

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