What wine with raclette?

The Oé selection of the best wines with raclette

  • A red wine or a white wine from Savoie such as Chignin, Bergeron and Mondeuse grape varieties
  • A wine from Alsace like Pinot Blanc
  • A Pouilly-Fussé from Burgundy

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Wine and raclette: treat yourself to the best food and wine pairings for a dinner with friends!

A winter delicacy par excellence, raclette is already enjoying great success in the world of gastronomy . It is very popular in the winter period and is characterized mainly by its conviviality and the freedom of its assortment. Charcuterie and potatoes invite themselves into this delicacy to give it a melted touch. Ideal to be consumed after skiing, with family or friends, the raclette is even more pleasant when it is tasted with wine.

Originally from Switzerland , raclette draws its originality from cheese and charcuterie. It has a special flavor if you pair it with a quality wine . Consequently, we advise you to choose the right wine for your raclette menu according to its composition.

History of raclette

Raclette has its origins in the Middle Ages in Switzerland , more precisely in the canton of Valais. Initially, this old Valais recipe was known as roast cheese . The way to prepare this recipe was to melt cheese using a wood fire, a specific oven or an open fire. The idea was to melt it, scrape it by pouring it onto a plate. From the beginning of the 20th century, the invention of electrical appliances and the raclette machine made it possible to bring exercise to the center of the table. From now on, you no longer need to scrape your half wheel of cheese by hand. The conviviality and the atmosphere are there thanks to the slices of raclette and the uncooked pressed cheese that everyone can melt as they see fit, accompanying it with good wine.

Its flavor and authenticity have made it one of the most popular recipes in Switzerland and its valleys. From now on, no more winter without raclette! The dish has become the symbolic recipe for snow holidays. Discover a delicious raclette gratin recipe by clicking here .

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Today, raclette is consumed in Savoie (more precisely in the Chambotte massif); in Quebec (mainly in Fritz, Oka, Appalaches, etc.); in Australia (Maleny, Heidi, Farm). Franche-Comté and Brittany have also succeeded in unraveling the mystery of this processed cheese made from cow's milk.

Choice of wine to drink with the raclette

Raclette is a dish that is always eaten with several people at the table. This is the best way to taste it. That said, because it is often accompanied by a white wine , drinking a delicious table wine gives it an extra flavor. Raclette is a traditional Savoyard dish , so you have to be able to choose the best bottle of organic wine that will enhance it and be in harmony with Savoy. In this sense, Savoie wines would be ideal.

White or red, the raclette matches both types of wine. However, the choice of a white wine rather than a red one, and vice versa, will depend on the composition of your raclette menu. Thus, the traditional raclette from Savoy consists only of cheese, potatoes and charcuterie would be better consumed with a white wine which would sufficiently highlight all its flavor.

On the other hand, a raclette menu made up of charcuterie, and a farandole of hams and their pickles will be better with a superior quality red wine. A red wine made from grape varieties such as Gamay and Pinot Noir, known for their sweetness, will do the trick and put a smile on your guests' lips.

Choosing a wine for a cheese takes into account a very important criterion. It would be clumsy to choose a wine that does not come from the same land as raclette. Gourmets recommend choosing a wine from the same source as the cheese . As such, with Savoie raclette cheese from Savoyard wine; Valais raclette with Valais wine.

In French gastronomy, raclette includes both charcuterie, cheese and potatoes. This is why certain criteria deserve to be taken into consideration if you want to choose a good wine with raclette . To choose the best wine for your raclette, first determine its different ingredients.

Many people in Switzerland do not include meat in the raclette. Depending on their preference, the Swiss add tomatoes, sliced ​​onions, mushrooms, pepper or even vinegar. On the other hand, in France, raclette is mainly eaten with charcuterie and cheese.

Red wine or white wine with vegetarian raclette?

If you opt for a raclette without meat, white wine would be welcome! Well, the acidity and intensity of white wine overcomes all the sweetness and fat of the cheese, while giving it a touch of freshness and crunch in the mouth . For a smarter choice of wine, it is best to think local. This precaution will allow you not to make mistakes.

As soon as you opt for a raclette with charcuterie, red wine will play the game. Cheese often brings out the dryness of the tannins and masks the qualities of many red wines. Nevertheless, it is possible for the experts of the vine to find red wines, which will associate perfectly with this dish. It will then be necessary to look for red wines which highlight the frankness of the fruits .

The best of white wine for an authentic raclette menu

The best way for you to savor your raclette dish with appetite is to consider the local aspect of the wine you choose for the occasion. Indeed, for a raclette made up of local cheeses and charcuterie, it is preferable to accompany the tasting with good white wine vinified in the same geographical area as these pastures.

An essential point is the quality of the cheese. If you opt for a rather melted cheese, it goes without saying that it will bring you a feeling of absolute comfort, a pleasant, warm and well-melting taste that will allow you not to sulk your pleasure in the face of such a great flavor. The wine to accompany it must bring you real comfort in the mouth while keeping a little acidity.

As for charcuterie, it brings you a salty touch which gives more grip to your menu, all the more so since the acidities contained in your wine must make it possible to maintain the perfect balance and the ideal length to give charm to your raclette dishes. Of course, we will not forget to associate our potatoes whose fine and sweet character will give our menu a warm and friendly aesthetic aspect for our greater good.

Perfect pairings between red wine and raclette for a good tasting

It is well known that it is always necessary to take into account all the ingredients that make up the raclette to determine the best wine to marry it. Raclette is a French specialty that combines melting and creamy cheese, charcuterie and potatoes. Each ingredient brings fruity elements that give flavor and sweetness to the dish. If the cheese tends to mask the many advantages of red wines because it highlights the dryness of the tannins too much, it is possible to select red wines that can be enjoyed with a dish of raclette.

The choice of red wine to accompany your raclette menu is appropriate given the fact that this dish also contains charcuterie. But still be careful that it doesn't absorb or inhibit the cheese flavor of the dish. To do this, a knowledgeable red wine will surely do the trick! A good bottle of Mondeuse, faithful to the Savoyard tradition, will give a plus to your raclette dish.

Other wines to accompany raclette

If you are in Switzerland and you opt for wine to pair with raclette, we recommend white wines such as light Chasselas from Vaudois or Valais and the small Arvine Valaisanne, which will fill you with liveliness. On the other hand, if you want red wine , you can choose a Pinot Noir or a Dôle , a true blend between Gamay and Pinot.

If you are in France and want to choose wine to accompany your raclette, turn to Savoie. From Roussette (Highness grape variety) to Chignin Bergeron (Roussane grape variety) via the Jura ( Chardonnay , Poulsard, Trousseau Pinot Noir ), all these bottles will go very well with your meal. Also adopt a Côtes du Jura wine. In addition, you can lean your choice on the Loire like Cheverny and Mont-sur-Loire. If you are on the Bordeaux side , a wine from Entre-Deux-Mers is a good alternative. Also prefer Mâcon-Villages or Saint-Veran, if you are in Burgundy.

Raclette is a French dish with Swiss origins . Much appreciated during the winter period, it brings a pleasant sensation and impressive comfort during its consumption. It is consumed with good wine. Whether they are white or red, the flavor is there! The important thing is to be able to associate each menu or raclette composition with the type of wine that best suits it and you will be satisfied.

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