Wine with salmon

Salmon is a fatty fish, rich in omega-3s . You can take it raw, smoked, marinated on toast, in carpaccio. It is also possible to prepare a cooked or sautéed salmon dish . Only this fish can be enjoyed with a red wine sauce. You can take this fish to the table well all year round and with a good wine, your meal will be a success. For the purchase of wine , it will be necessary to be more meticulous, because all the wines do not always create a perfect food and wine pairing .

The different salmon

In the supermarket aisle, there are not only salmon from Norway . This type of salmon that is very often encountered is part of farmed salmon . Farmed salmon, as the name suggests, are farmed and they come from the Atlantic Ocean, including Norway, Alaska, Scotland, Iceland and Ireland. They are distinguished by their very uniform orange-pink flesh. When tasted , the farmed salmon are more tender and tender. Farmed salmon also has a slightly buttery taste. Wild salmon comes from the Baltic Sea and the Pacific Ocean. You don't find that many on the market. For the salmons which come from the Baltic Sea, the flesh is whiter and the salmons which come from the Pacific Ocean have a flesh more marked going on the red. His flesh is not necessarily a uniform color and this is due to a few bruises. Wild salmon is distinguished after cooking by its texture which is more pasty and stickier. It is this salmon that you must take if you want to eat it raw, because it is leaner. You can also find organic salmon. These are raised in cages in the open sea and their food consists mainly of organic foods that do not contain drugs or dyes such as flour, fish oil and vegetable ingredients. On the market, organic salmon have a very pale pinkish flesh. Their taste is similar to farmed salmon.

Choosing the right wine for salmon

Salmon is a fish with delicate and fine tastes, but it is still a very fatty dish. If we often take white wine with salmon, we must be careful not to take a wine with the same characteristics. However, if you are preparing a dish of salmon with oysters, you can open a bottle of Muscadet sèvre-et-Maine which is rounder and fresher in the mouth. For a smoked salmon, we also tend to take a fragrant wine to better emphasize this taste. In this case, you risk crushing your salmon dish with the strong tastes of the wine. Prefer a low acid and lighter white wine to accompany smoked salmon. This wine will balance the fat of the salmon. You can also take a bottle of Pouilly fumé to recall the smoked taste of salmon.

Salmon and young white wine

When a dish of salmon is brought to the table, it is customary to open a bottle of young white wine. A dry white wine is not always very advisable. The flavors of the young white wine go very well with those of the salmon. You can have a white Touraine Montlouis-sur-Loire with a fillet of salmon or a smoked salmon. This white wine will bring freshness and power to the salmon. With a plate of smoked salmon, you can also take red wines composed mainly of Syrah such as Crozes Hermitage, Côtes-Roûtée or Saint-Joseph. To highlight the tastes of the sea brought by salmon, you can choose a white Pessac-Léognan at maturity. Its freshness and the candied fruit aromas of this white wine will enhance the taste of the salmon.

For a successful dinner

If you want to bring a dish of salmon to the table, it is possible to prepare it differently and accompany it with a more original wine. You can even afford to serve a lighter red wine that is not too tannic. If the salmon is fattier, you can start preparing a foie gras-salmon combo. Savor this dish with a light red from Châteauneuf-du-Pape .

The herb-marinated salmon can be accompanied by a bottle of red wine made with pinot noir. The dense aromas of this one will not overpower the tastes of the salmon and they will come to balance the fatty side of the fish. If you want to table a salmon cutlet and its nage with herbs for dinner, buy a Menetou-Salon.

The marriage of rosé wine and salmon can also work. For a salmon steak, you can open a rosé bottle of Côtes du Roussillon. This wine has the distinction of being more aromatic and spicier, but it will not overpower the taste of the salmon steak.

For a more successful dinner, you can embark on the preparation of a red wine sauce to accompany your salmon steak. For this preparation, opt for a fruity and acidic red wine rather than a red wine with more present tannins. You can take a bottle of wine that comes from Burgundy, Alsace , Côte Roannaise or the Loire Valley.

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