What wine for barbecue?

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When summer holidays are on the horizon, everyone would like to bring their barbecue back to life. What could be better than relaxing on your terrace with a good barbecue by your side? Grilled fish, meat, prawns, red meats, white meats, sausages… many alternatives are possible both for the selection of grilled meats and for the choice of wine.

What to drink with a barbecue? This question comes up very often.Here are the organic wines from the Oé range that will help you choose the right wine to taste your grilled fish and meat.

wine and BBQ

A few wine tips for pairing with a barbecue

The choice of wine with a barbecue is made in compliance with certain criteria. At first glance, wine selection takes into account the type of meat . To choose a wine to enjoy with a barbecue, first evaluate the ingredients that make up the dish in question.

Once the dominance of the grill has been analyzed, it is time to select a suitable wine to sublimate it.

Which wine for red meat?

Meat with a strong character like beef is known as red meat. Rosemary and thyme are its star ingredients and these give it a spicy tone. So choosing a red wine with powerful tannins would work best with this type of meat.

Therefore, the prime rib should be served with structured wines with aromas of red and black fruits . In addition, let yourself be carried away by the flavors of a wine with woody notes, which will not fade in front of such a meaty piece of meat.

Opt for example for a superior Bordeaux like the Château l'Escart cuvée d'Eden. Also favor wines combining Mourvèdre and Grenache, such as a varietal wine from the Pays d'Oc, to enhance the flavors of a beef rib steak or a rib of beef.

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What wine to drink with white meat?

White meats are distinguished by their suppleness. This is why this type of meat combines very well and is very good with lighter and fruitier wines . Fine wines will therefore be the ideal allies for your pork chops and chicken skewers.

For a perfect tasting, prefer young wines, especially if you have marinated your meat in a chutney.

Sausages: chipolatas and merguez

A rosé wine goes very well with dishes like chipolatas. On the other hand, for merguez sausages, a dry red wine will be a good companion. These combinations are perfect for truly feeling on summer vacation.

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With their fruity and elegant aromas, the rosés of Provence will go perfectly with chipolatas . By opting for example for a Grand Saint-Paul for its fresh and elegant note , you will find all the flavors of the dish. As for the merguez, a red Beaujolais would suit it best.

Discover the organic rosé wines of Oé

wine and BBQ

Wine to pair with grilled fish

For grilled fish, choose dry and fresh white wines such as Pinot Blanc . A lively wine will hide the grilled side of the fish. As a result, a wine from Alsace or the Loire will certainly find a privileged place on your table. What could be better than a Pinot Blanc from Alsace with flavors of pears, apricots and white flowers to taste your grilled meats?

Likewise, if you have Riesling, take it out of your wine cellar. Yes, now is the time to savor it! In fact, Riesling is one of the most suitable wines for tasting grilled fish . With a fruity and floral taste, Riesling from Alsace is a lively wine with a taste of lemongrass, peach, grapefruit, lime blossom and white nettle.

What wines for grilled prawns?

If you are looking for a wine to consume prawns, know that the rosés are highly recommended . Indeed, prawns are more fleshy than fish. This is why it is advisable to opt for a wine like the rosé from the Côte de Provence. Also choose a wine that is both fat and supple like Chardonnay to enhance all the flavors of your dish.

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Are you allergic to white wine? A light and fruity red wine will be the perfect companion to this menu. As such, between a Costière de Nîmes, pinot noir from Alsace , a Côtes du Rhône, all you have to do is make your decision.

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wine and BBQ