Food and wine pairings: what to drink with a veal blanquette?

What to drink with a veal blanquette?

Known as the traditional Sunday dish, veal blanquette is popular with the French. In some parts of France, this dish is very popular. This dish is within reach of all budgets. Yes, it is found both in the countryside and in chic and upscale restaurants.

This traditional dish is one of the most revisited by starred chefs. To provide a perfect tasting, it is accompanied by a good wine , but which one? What to drink with a veal blanquette? This is the question that always comes up at the center of the table and we tell you all about it.

The wine blanquette: its little secret

The origin of the veal blanquette is still uncertain until today. The Burgundians , the Normans and the Lyonnais claim the paternity of this dish which still makes more than one salivate, especially when it is accompanied by a wine of choice. However, this classic of French gastronomy appeared in the ovens in the 18th century. Initially, this dish consisted of leftover flesh roasted and topped with a white sauce.

Because of the whiteness of its sauce, the veal blanquette is aptly named. Meat, carrot, pearl onions, Button mushrooms , creamy sauce… these are among the ingredients that identify it. Its preparation is quite easy. Once the piece of veal and the bouquet garni have been cooked in water, set aside.

Then comes the step of preparing the white sauce. This is made from flour, fresh cream, butter and egg white. After finishing the cooking of the sauce, the meat is accommodated in it. Once everything has simmered for a few minutes, the meal is ready and can be served with rice. But, which wine would be best suited to accompany it?

veal blanquette wine

What wine to serve or drink with a veal blanquette?

Blanquette de veau is a mild dish characterized by its simplicity. It does not contain spices. It is very fat and voluminous in the mouth. So, there is no question of associating it with a red wine that is too tannic or very acidic , which will take over the sweetness of the dish.

Veal blanquette with white wine

White wine is perfect to highlight all the flavors of this recipe. If you are a white wine lover, prefer powerful wines . If they are very light, they would hide behind the boldness of the menu. So, opt for fat white wines with fruit flavors that will perfectly recall the creaminess of the white butter sauce.

  • The Mercurey

It is a wine with a controlled designation of origin . It comes from the Burgundy vineyard. Mercurey wines are identified by their aroma of melted butter and toasted bread. They come in summer fruit flavors and lemon aromas. Its lemony aspect could very well marry the fatty side of the blanquette of the veal .

  • The Rully

It is a still wine produced in the vineyards of Burgundy and more precisely in the East of France. From the Côte Chalonnaise region, not far from Chalon-sur-Saône, this wine has a controlled designation of origin. Chardonnay is the only grape variety in Rully Blanc . Revealing its notes of brioche and lemon, it defines the complexity and specificity of the terroir of Bourguignon . It is an ideal wine to sublimate the taste of the blanquette.

  • Pinot Gris

Wines made from this grape variety will also be perfect to pair with this dish . This thanks to a total absence of residual sugar.

  • Macon-Villages

The Mâcon is perfect with a veal blanquette, also from the Chardonnay grape variety.

Blanquette of veal and red wine

If this white meat goes well with white wine , it cannot be ruled out that it can also go well with red wines . However, it is strongly advised not to choose wines that are too tannic or very strong in alcohol. Fortunately, there are sweet and subtle red wines that can go well with veal . Opt for a pinot noir for example and thus, you will have enough to enhance the finesse of the blanquette.

  • Nuits-Saint-Georges

It is a full-bodied and powerful wine that goes very well with tasty meats . It will therefore be the best ally of veal blanquette because of its aromas of strawberry, blackcurrant and cherry. Revealing notes of prune, it will bring an elegant touch. It will therefore be perfect to balance with your dish while giving it structure.

  • Le Marsannay

This wine is typical of the Côte des Nuits. It recalls notes of red fruits such as Morello cherry and strawberry. You will also discover the flavors of blackcurrant and blueberry. On the palate, this wine has a powerful and generous touch, resulting in a very oily note. In view of all these characteristics, it will go very well with your veal blanquette .

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