Wine for coq au vin

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Which wine for coq au vin?

More than a simple meal to eat with the family, the coq au vin lives up to its name. From its preparation to its tasting, it is with good wine that it is accompanied. If amateurs have no difficulty in choosing the best wine to associate with this dish, for novices, it is a real headache.

We have selected for you the best appellations and grands crus to accompany your recipe. Find out now everything you need to know about pairings with this dish.

wine for coq au vin

You don't make a good sauce with bad wine . Choosing a wine for the preparation of the rooster sauce is not an easy task. Many people think that any wine would work best with this dish. Think again. You will agree, the choice of wine to cook this meal is based on certain criteria to be taken into account. Remember to keep the balance between the flavors of the wine and those of the sauce .

Above all, refrain from using a corked bottle for the preparation of your meal. Otherwise, exercise could negatively affect your cock's taste. This due to the flavor of the cork stopper. Instead of a corked bottle, prefer a monovarietal wine. The ideal for your recipe is a full-bodied red wine, which will bring out the richness of the aromas.

Everything you need to know about coq au vin!

Coq au vin is one of the symbolic meals of French gastronomy. The Burgundians, Alsatians, Auvergnats, Champenois are still fighting over the paternity of this dish which is already making more than one salivate. The dish is cooked with red or yellow wine . This is how you will hear about coq au vin rouge or coq au vin jaune.

coq au vin yellow wine

The menu calls for a wide range of ingredients, namely: a rooster, garlic cloves, bacon bits, a glass of marc leaguer, a quality red wine, a bouquet garni, carrots, button mushrooms, parsley.

Preparation is not as easy as it looks. Once placed in a cast iron casserole dish with its ingredients and aromatic herbs, the rooster is drizzled with red wine. Known to prepare stew, it lasts more than 2 hours in cooking. When the time comes to serve it at the table, you still have to choose a wine to accompany it.

What wine to drink with coq au vin?

Most often, regional dishes go very well with wines from the same terroir or from nearby lands. To keep all the flavors, prefer a dry red wine from the same region as the question.

Lean on a dry red Bordeaux wine to consume your dish. Choose the grands crus like a Saint-Emilion, a Médoc, a Moulis, a Listrac-Médoc…

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To taste it, you can also choose red wines from the Rhône Valley (Côtes du Rhône, Lirac, Vacqueyras).

Cotes du Rhone

If you opt for Côtes-du-Rhône wines, choose young wines. By doing so, you will highlight the note of its black fruits and spices that will go perfectly with your dish.

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AOC Lirac

The Lirac vineyard is a commune in the Rhone Valley. The winegrowers cultivate Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre and Cinsault there. These produce tannic wines, whose particularity is to balance the acid aspect of dishes cooked in red wine.


This vineyard mainly produces red wines. The red Vacqueyras have a taste of blackcurrant and cherry in the first year. Nevertheless, the more they evolve, the more the frankness of cooked and candied fruits is added.

wine with coq au vin

Other wine for coq au vin

Light red wines

If tannic red wines marry very well with, fresh and light red wines will also find a favorite place on your table. This other alternative will remind you of the richness of the ingredients that make up your recipe . For this, prefer the appellations of Beaujolais or Burgundy.

  • Saint-Amour

This vineyard is one of the twelve Beaujolais crus. Saint-Amour red wines are exclusively made from Gamay. With their fruity and spicy appearance, these grape varieties perfectly highlight the exquisite taste of coq au vin .

  • Rully

Rully wines are the best allies to accompany this recipe . Although, these remain little or not known. Made from Pinot Noir , they stand out with their delicacy and fruity aspect.

  • Givry

Not far from Rully, the Givry vineyard is made up of all the aromas of pinot noir (red fruits, black fruits and smoked tastes). Here, prefer young wines to avoid being stunted by the acidity of the sauce .

White wines for coq au vin

The other possibility to consume your coq au vin is white wine. If the rooster is cooked with red wine, it can be eaten very well with white wine . That said, choose a Languedoc or a Meursault premier cru. For important ceremonies, do not hesitate to turn to a great white Burgundy wine; thus, you will not make your guests the victims of your event.

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