Which wine with prime rib?

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Wondering what wine to drink with your prime rib? It is not easy to choose a wine that goes perfectly with the prime rib.

A preliminary analysis of your dish is necessary to answer this question. Be that as it may, only one type of wine goes best with prime rib. But which appellation to choose for a roast, a grill or a rib cooked in the oven? There are some that work better than others, depending on the cooking method.

Wine with prime rib

What type of wine to serve with a rib of beef?

The best wine and food pairings are obtained when the wine enhances the flavors of the food . In doing so, it (the wine) benefits from this alliance, because its flavor is also improved. To achieve such a result, it is necessary to study the dish to be paired as well as the dominance and other characteristics of the different wines.

The prime rib is characterized first of all by its tenderness. This is due to the muscular activity of oxen, which is more concentrated in the legs. Their back muscles therefore perform less work, thus making their ribs very tender. This attribute is very important, because it determines the dominance, the flavor and therefore the style of wine that it takes to accompany it.

This is because beef ribs have a generous amount of fat, both around and inside the muscle. This is where most of the flavors in the meat come from. When cooked, this fat melts, resulting in more tender, juicier meat the more you chew. This preliminary and essential analysis leads to the observation that the prime rib is particularly tender, juicy, with a dominance of fat and rich in protein. It therefore becomes easy to succeed in wine and coast pairings, from the knowledge of the different wines.

Thus, red wine is the best paired with prime rib . The reason for this choice can be summed up in one word: tannins. These are compounds found in all red wines, and they mainly come from the skins of grapes, as well as the barrels in which the wine has aged. They are generally perceived as a dominance or a flavor of the wine. They give a good aging potential to red wine and are an essential element of its structure and balance.

On the palate, since this is where we judge a successful pairing, red wine enhances the flavors of the prime rib , due to the interaction between the tannins (of the wine) and the fat as well as the tenderness of the meat. A tannic wine can appear rough and astringent when enjoyed on its own. But as soon as its tannins are linked to protein or fat, everything changes!

However, not all tannic wines pair well with prime rib . The great red wines generally come from organic viticulture , which allows them to have a better quality of tannins. Although it will be necessary to distinguish the tannic power and other particular flavors of these wines and the vines before pairing them. Similarly, although all prime rib recipes have the cut piece in common, they do not use the same ingredients, do not cook in the same way and therefore do not go well with the same bottle of wine . red .

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wine with prime rib

Which red appellation for which variety of beef ribs?

You have to wonder about the appellation to choose, although you already know that you will need red for your ribs of beef wine pairings. This is where the varietals and ancillary attributes of different bottles come into play. Likewise, your base preferences can also influence your choice, especially when multiple bottles match your food.

These names will obviously depend on the cooking method. So your pairing will be different depending on whether the rib is grilled, roasted, or baked . Whatever the case, the Oé site offers you the best wines to accompany with ribs of beef, according to the different cooking methods.

Grilled rib of beef wine pairing

Summer is the ideal season for grilling (of course, this does not exclude the other seasons). It's a good time to put a prime rib on a barbecue. But with which wine to serve it?

When this dish is barbecued, the heat from the grill converts the fat in the meat into complex sugar, which gives it a slight sweetness, as well as a smoky flavor (depending on the heat source). This cooking method therefore gives an extra flavor to your dish, and this must be taken into account when accompanying it.

Red wines aged in oak barrels, fruity and possessing dense tannins will harmonize well with the smoky flavor and juicy character of the coast. A typical Languedoc red will go very well, like the Esprit Garrigue available on Oé.

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It has a freshness and balance that will create a nice synergy with the flavor of the meat. Similarly, a red Bordeaux with fine tannins and flavors of red fruits and spices like the Cuvée Léopold, will make a good impression. It is also available on the same site.

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Roast rib of beef wine pairing

The richness and flavor that the roast offers to this cut of beef deserves a wine that won't overwhelm them. A full-bodied, dry Bordeaux red with generous tannins is well suited . For example, a Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec blend. It is a red Bordeaux whose silky tannins and aromas of ripe fruit combine wonderfully with the flavors of the roasted coast.

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Baked rib of beef wine pairing

Baked prime rib is a great opportunity to break out a good dry red wine , such as the Saint-Emilion Grand Cru red from Bordeaux . It is a blend dominated by the Merlot grape and complemented by Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. Its silky tannins go very well with the fat of this dish.

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