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Wine with filet mignon

For special occasions, we often turn to the best meats to impress our guests. You can prepare a filet mignon for the main dish: this red meat is distinguished by its tenderness and lightness .

For the meal, the filet mignon can be cooked simmered, in sauce, plain. It is even possible to associate it with other accompaniments. In order to create an explosion of flavors in the mouth, you can choose a bottle of wine, but you should not take just any wine to have a balance of taste between wine and filet mignon . Your choice should also focus on the topping on offer and how you cook it.

Through this article, we will help you find the best wine to accompany your filet mignon dish .

Preparing the tenderloin

Filet mignon is highly prized by cordons bleus, as it is the most tender part of the pork. Even if you are not a great cook, you will have no great difficulty in preparing it.

For its preparation, you can simmer this meat with mustard and honey . The tender side of the filet mignon will find a perfect balance with the honey which will coat the palate and with the mustard which will counterbalance the sweetness of the dish. If you don't like mustard very much, you can keep the honey for the preparation and add some spices . You can take ginger, cayenne pepper, tandoori mix and cloves.

If you want to present a more gourmet dish, start preparing a filet mignon in a puff pastry crust. As this meat will be drier after cooking, you can accompany it with a gourmet curry cream or a mustard sauce.

You can also keep it simple by concocting a filet mignon with button mushrooms .

For this dish, linguine type pasta will do the trick. If you want to take your guests on a journey through Asian culture, you can serve a lemongrass pork tenderloin with a little spices, soy sauce and honey.

To impress your guests, you can also marry this pork meat with red fruits .

To accompany the dish, a bottle of wine at the table will not be too much, but you will have to find the best wine pairings.

tenderloin wine

wine and pork

When looking for the wine that will accompany a meat dish, we tend to refer to the basic rule: “white meat: white wine” and “red meat: red wine”. In theory, this rule is very simple, but in practice, when you have wine and meat on your palate, it could have an imbalance of flavors: the wine can overpower the tenderness of the meat . Pork is a white meat, so in theory a bottle of white wine should be on the table.

However, it remains quite oily, which forces you to make the best choice for your wine. For your choice, you must also refer to the accompaniments and the way you are going to cook the meat . The delicacy of the filet mignon with cream will be very well underlined with light and fruity whites like the wines of the Côte-du-Rhône .

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If you're roasting pork and serving it with vegetables, opt for fruity, toned reds . Their silky tannins will make a perfect match with the tenderness of the meat. For braised or simmered meat, you will need a fruity red wine with supple tannins.

If you are advised to take a fairly lively wine to accompany pork , this may not work with pork tenderloin, because it has a very mild and light taste. If you serve it in nature, it will be very little present in the mouth. In this case, it will be necessary to take a wine which presents the same characteristics.

It will then be necessary to avoid wines with too powerful flavors , because these risk spoiling the sweetness of the meat. Take a lighter wine with fruity notes like a Bordeaux or a Saumur.

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Some classic compositions between wine and filet mignon

If you plan to accompany your filet mignon with fruit, try to find a bottle of Madiran, Pessac-Léognan or Saint-Joseph . These wines bring notes of red fruits, which will complement the flavors of the dish.

To find a very good pairing with mustard, you can serve the filet mignon with a Cornas, a Morey-Saint-Denis in Burgundy or a Sancerre in the Loire. For this mustard dish, you can also choose a Côtes-de-Provence white.

If you insist on serving red wine, take a bottle of Burgundy or Loire. If you are going to serve this filet mignon with a fairly strong sauce, choose an aromatic wine and leave out wines that are too tannic.

In case you have taken mushrooms for this dish, a bottle of Rully, Meursault in Burgundy or a Condrieu in the Rhone Valley will be welcome at the table. These wines have the particularity of being fat and fruity and this is what will create an excellent marriage with the pork tenderloin with mushrooms.

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