Pairing wine and duck breast

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What to drink with duck breast?

Duck breast is one of the emblematic recipes of France and one of the favorite dishes of the French. This dish can be cooked in several ways and according to the desires of each. It is very often accompanied by gourmet garnishes, such as potatoes, and tasty sauces. The choice of wine to accompany this red meat is made according to the quality of the cooking. Therefore, which wine would be the most appropriate to sublimate this recipe? The purpose of this article is to enlighten you on wine pairings and duck breast.

wine and duck breast

The particularities of duck breast with wine

The most popular recipe in the South West and the favorite main course of the French, duck breast occupies a prominent place in French gastronomy. In the pan, in the oven or on the barbecue, it can be cooked in several ways and throughout the year . Most often and above all, cooking is done with the skin, which will ensure that the poultry is tender. For its cooking, two possibilities of choice are offered to you. You can cook it to medium. In this case, it should not take long to cook.

The other possibility is not to let the meat cook for a long time; this will ensure that the poultry retains a rosy tone. The preparation requires a certain precision that will bring out all the flavors of the menu. The little trick to have a crispy and caramelized skin is to gradually raise the temperature of your duck. Once your dish is ready to taste, choose a very good wine to serve it.

What can you drink with a duck breast?

Red wine

To avoid making a mistake, choose wines from the same region as your dish. So, the wines of the Southwest will be very good allies. Moreover, duck breast is meat with character. For a flawless pairing, opt for a red wine that balances well with its powerful and sustained flavors. Preferably, choose powerful, spicy and smoky red wines. These wines will also go very well with duck breast. You can test with Haut Medoc.

In addition, duck breast is known as a meat that is both fine and full-bodied. So, a too light wine would hide from the power of the dish, while a powerful wine would dominate the menu. For example, opt for tannic red wines that will go best with the intense taste of duck. Add a few potatoes for a perfect duck breast. Another great recipe: scallops and smoked duck breast. Also dare sweet and salty pairings with your duck breast.

The best appellations


Fronton wines are not well known and their appellation is of protected origin (AOP). Le Fronton is a Toulouse wine that reveals aromas of violet and blackberry, perfectly highlighting the freshness of the fat in the meat. The grape variety of the Toulouse vineyard is Négrette. This can be perfectly combined with Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon or Cabernet de Syrah. Fronton wines are perfectly suited to accompany a duck breast.


This terroir offers wines with great finesse. The red wines from this vineyard are intense ruby ​​and garnet in color. It reveals the vegetal flavors of thyme, rosemary and tobacco. As it goes, it underlines a taste of black fruits. Powerful, full-bodied and endowed with a good reserve of fruity flavor, the red wines from this region go perfectly with duck breast.


Still called Sciaccarellu, Sciaccerello is a black grape variety found most often in Corsica. Cultivated in the regions of Ajaccio, it produces wines revealing the crunchy character of the grapes , contrary to the juicy character of certain appellations. You will tell me so much, the red wines from this grape variety are fine and structured. Not very intense in color, they reveal on the nose a fruity taste with flavors of almonds and spices. They also reveal the aromas of tobacco and pepper. These different characteristics will underline the power of the duck.

With a sweet wine

If duck breast goes very well with powerful and structured red wines, it can also be accompanied by sweet wines. However, this alternative agreement will be possible if the preparation of the dish is done in an unorthodox way. Indeed, if you want to taste this culinary wonder with young wines, opt for an atypical cooking. That said, prefer a duck breast with figs, cherries or an Apicius breast. The little trick to guarantee the perfect balance between the dish and the wine is to choose a wine that has been kept for less than 5 years.

Ideal appellations


AOC Maury wines are vinified by the mutage process. This exercise aims to limit the alcoholic fermentation of the must, thus ensuring tannic and light wines, which will go perfectly with duck breast with figs. Maury is made from Grenache often associated with Maccabeu and Muscat of Alexandria . The young wines emphasize the flavors of prunes and dried fruits. This is why it will be the best ally of your dish.


Located at the eastern end of the Pyrenees chain, the AOC Banyuls is a prestigious terroir where fine and natural wines are produced. Often associated with Syrah, Carignan and Cinsault, Grenache is the grape variety from which this wine is made. The young vintages develop the aromas evolving towards the flavors of red fruits . Bringing a certain elegance on the palate, these wines will be perfect to be consumed with a duck breast.


The AOC Rivesaltes produces sweet and natural wines. This vineyard occupies a large part of the eastern Pyrenees. Just like the wines of Maury, the wines of Rivesaltes are produced by mutage, which is why it is advisable to consume them with a duck breast . In addition, they are made from several grape varieties, namely: Grenache Blanc, Grenache Gris, Grenache Noir and Maccabeu. However, these can be mixed with Muscat Blanc and Muscat d'Alexandrie.

The Oé selection

You are looking for good wine to accompany your duck breast, you have come to the right place. Oé selects for you products from environmentally friendly viticulture.

You will find, for example, intense red wines such as Côtes-du-Rhône.

The other wine that is likely to pair better with your dish is Bordeaux. Carmine red in color, it reveals melted tannins on the palate, a beautiful
freshness, aromas of mocha, cherry and blueberry. It comes from a vineyard located in Pujols sur Dordogne to the east of Saint-Émilion, and grown on clay-limestone soil.


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