Food and wine pairings: wine with roast chicken

There are several ways to cook chicken in France. You can cook it in broth, you can fry it, or you can also roast it and choose the accompaniment of your choice. Roast chicken doesn't really have a specific origin. But the Indians have always had a way of cooking chicken that resembles roasting . This is called Tandoori Chicken. They cook the chicken on a stone on fire so that the skin crisps. They accompany it with rice, curie, chickpeas, coriander and raw vegetables.

It is known to all, wine is recommended during meals, and in France no one disregards this rule. In the most glamorous restaurants, you are offered a large selection of the best table wines to accompany many meals, like roast chicken . As such, what is the most appropriate wine to pair with roast chicken?

Roasted chicken, a delight!

Many people love chicken. But, to taste it without it harming the palate, you must first choose, according to your budget, a better quality chicken. Small chickens are recommended as they cook better than large ones. Preferably, opt for a red label free-range chicken , from the South West of France. Once the choice is made, move on to cooking, which turns out to be quite simple. After having seasoned it according to your tastes and desires, use an oven or a barbecue and you're done. The ideal is to water it well during cooking, at the risk of seeing it dry out. Roasted chicken is a treat that can be shared with family or friends, whether in winter or spring. At the table, opt for the Oé range of organic wines to accompany your menu.

What wine can be served with roast chicken?

The chicken, when it is well cooked, should not be too dry. Its flesh is sometimes a little tender, juicy and its skin crispy. In a classic way, it is accompanied by a dry white wine which will perfectly enhance its acid taste. It can be enjoyed with white wines with fruit aromas if it is a chicken with citrus fruits. Faced with a caramelized chicken, we will opt for a wine that can slice with sugar. Red wines are also ideal to pair with roast chicken. If the skin crunches, you can choose sweet wines and without forgetting the rosés.

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White wine and roast chicken

If you want to enjoy your roast chicken with a white wine, do not hesitate to choose wines that are too acidic and lively. White wines from the Loire Valley , Sancerre … will do the trick. Don't forget to choose a local wine that can go very well with your dish.

  • A Sancerre

It is a type of French white wine , originating from the Loire Valley . Both fine and fruity, a wine in this category has a strong fruit flavor. Its freshness will go very well with the skin or thigh of roast chicken with rosemary .

  • Touraine

Roasted chicken should preferably be served with a wine that is too tannic. It is this taste property that is found in the wines of this appellation . Even though they have this slightly sour flavor, they also have a flowery taste, which goes quite well with roast chicken with jam.

  • Riesling

It has a more pronounced fruity taste than those of the previous wines. This grand cru white from Alsace has its own properties: fine, slightly acidic, with a strong citrus aroma. A roast chicken will be very good if married with this wine.

  • The coast of Beaune

It produces white wines from Chardonay revealing finesse and great aromatic complexity. They can go very well with a roast chicken.

  • The Jurancon

Jurançon is a sweet wine revealing flavors of peach, pear, honey and white fruits. It is an alternative not to be overlooked if you want to enjoy the flavors of your roast chicken. The fatty aspect of this wine will balance very well with the crispy skin, the acidity and the salty taste of your poultry.

Red wine and roast chicken (appellations)

  • The coasts of Nuits Villages

The Côtes de Nuit was established in 1964. It is found in the communes of Fixin, Brochon, Premeaux, Vorgolion and Comlanchien, etc. Each year, an average of 310 hectoliters of white wine and 6,400 hectoliters of red wine are produced there. It takes into account two grape varieties, pinot noir and chardonnay. Whether red or white, the night ribs are pleasant wines and perfect to enhance the taste of roast chicken.

  • The Volnay

Highly sought after for its finesse and bouquet, Volnay is a red wine from Burgundy made from the Pinot Noir grape variety . Its aromas of gooseberry and cherry violets will go perfectly with your poultry . Very tannic , it offers fruit and spice aromas on the palate. The opulence and texture of the wine will perfectly enhance the taste of your dish.

  • Pommard

A Burgundy wine, Pommard has existed for many centuries. Located at an altitude of 300 meters on the Côte de Beaune , Pommard produces red wines from Pinot Noir . It is a controlled designation of origin and its certification dates from 1936. It offers the best of itself in the middle of the hillsides as well as in perfectly drained clay-limestone soils. Because it is tannic, the Pommard is delicious with poultry. Roasted chicken will find in Pommard an indispensable ally due to its firm texture, its tannins and its aromas of ripe plum, blueberry, currant or cherry stone.

  • Santenay

This grape variety mainly produces red wines made from Pinot Noir . With a bouquet reminiscent of rose petals, violets and peonies, it can go very well with roast chicken . Many times, it reveals the aromas of blueberries and therefore perfect to marry with the crispy skin of the chicken. Located 500 meters above sea level, this grape variety evolves perfectly in greyish limestone soils .

  • The Mercurey

With a ruby ​​red color, this wine reveals flavors of strawberry, raspberry, cherry and crunchy fruit. It is also made from the Pinot Noir grape variety. More mature, it will reveal flavors of undergrowth, aromas of tobacco and cocoa bean. Its fleshy aspect will balance perfectly with the thigh of the roast chicken . It is important to specify that the Mercurey is one of the grands crus.

  • C rozes -Hermitage is an ideal companion for roast chicken. These grape varieties: mainly Syrah and Grenache .

Rosé wines

If certain red wines and white wines go very well with roast chicken, it is not excluded that you can also taste it with rosé wines . However, opt for supple and fruity wines like an Arbois . It is a bled rosé , aged 12 months in vats. Do not hesitate to lean on a Côte de Provence rosé. Your roast chicken will appreciate it very well.

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In addition, the Marsannay rosé expresses the taste of vine peach, currant. It offers a fresh and greedy mouth, ideal to associate with your poultry. Ideally, keep it at temperatures ranging from 12 to 13°C.