Choosing and buying a good wine: how to choose?

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In the wine section of the supermarket, there are hundreds of references. We quickly find ourselves lost in front of this large number of bottles. Oé's idea is to offer a short range of organic wines on its website . Compose your box with the 6 organic wines of your choice and receive your box in 24 to 48 hours at home.

You will not be disappointed with Oé organic wines

Online wine sales

The market for selling wine online is experiencing a certain evolution in France. New entrants are intensifying competition in this market with economic models adapted to the needs of Internet users. There are more than 387 wine sales sites in France alone, with a growth rate exceeding 30% per year since 2008.

Find wine online

The supply players are diverse, as are the wines they offer to customers. They are different and offer wider ranges of wines online. The profile of operators is very diverse. We generally distinguish:

  • Merchant sites or generalist pure players, which dominate the online sales market;
  • Merchant sites specializing in wine or specialized pure players;
  • Companies or brands of wine merchants who have developed the wine sites;
  • Retail brands

To penetrate the market and exploit the niche represented by the wine trade , some players opt for a particular offer of products and services (box on subscription of wines, organic and biodynamic wines from winegrowers). Oé, offers customers an e-commerce site like no other with Oé bottled organic wines and boxes of 6 ready-made organic wines .

The idea of ​​Oé is to offer good organic wines from winegrowers committed to the planet, well produced and responsible.

organic wines come from almost all the major wine regions of France. There are, for example, wines from Bordeaux , Burgundy , Champagne , Rhône and Languedoc . All colors are represented, with white wines, red wines, rosé and sparkling wines.

Growing customer interest in buying wine online

Why buy wine online? It's simpler, faster and more convenient. It is also very easy today to receive advice via a chat on the sites or by telephone. Each online wine has its own tasting sheet where the vintage, the place of production of the wine, the grape variety, the origin, the food/wine pairing are indicated.

Home delivery allows you to receive your wine box without having to travel. Also the surprise effect is appreciated especially in the case of subscription boxes.

Choose a wine online that matches your dish

The taste of wine can be questioned if you do not know what type of dish it can accompany or what is the best wine pairing .

To have a good wine at the table, it is better to base yourself on the following rule: the finer and more sophisticated the dish, the more you should turn to light wines.

If you are also not a great expert in gastronomy, refer to the following mixtures: foie gras and sweet white wine, red meat and red wine , pizza and light dry white wines, fish and light white wine, sauerkraut and white wine more acrid. These wine pairings will make your lunch or dinner a success!

Where to buy good wine online?

is an e-commerce site that allows you to choose and order your organic wine in just a few clicks . The startup offers a deliberately restricted selection of around fifty winegrowers involved in organic and biodynamic production.

Launched in May 2016 by Thomas Lemasle and François-Xavier Henry, Oé brings a new shopping experience. All Oé wines come from sustainable viticulture that respects the environment and consumers . This is why all the wines they offer have obtained a responsible production label: Organic Farming .

An overview of the wines available on Oé

Discover here, an overview of the wines generally offered by Oé according to their colors. Visit the site if you are interested in these wines. For example, for red wines, you can find:

    • Côtes-du-Rhône AOC is a delicate and balanced wine for every day. It has a garnet red colour, slightly translucent, like fine Grenache. Its intense nose is revealed on red fruits, cherries and raspberries. It goes well with roast poultry, white meats, or roast veal;

Le Côtes-du-Rhône

11,00 €

Grenache Noir • Syrah • Mourvèdre

    • Languedoc AOC ideal for dinner with friends. It reveals a beautiful purple color, with a concentrated and generous mouth, but balanced by a fresh vintage. Tapas aperitifs, Provencal stew or simmered casserole go well with this wine;

Le Languedoc

11,10 €

Grenache Blanc • Rolle

    In addition, boxes made up of these different wine colors are also available on the site - Discover Oé organic wines