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Everything about the wine of honor

The vin d'honneur is the short reception between the wedding ceremony and the wedding dinner . It is also to this part of the party that we must invite those who are not close enough not to be obliged to invite them to the meal. It comes in the form of a cocktail or an aperitif. This is the best time to make introductions and to make small acceptance speeches.

Who to invite to the reception?

It is not always easy to establish the list of guests for the wedding meal, especially when you know people and when you have many friends. To facilitate your choice, make two lists and in the first, put the important and priority people and note "to invite to the meal". The second will be for people who are less important and for those whose absence will not be felt at meals. If the number of guests is limited for the wedding meal, move those who have been crossed out from the first to the top of the second list. Choose from this second list all the people who can be invited to the reception .

To be served at the wine reception

The food and drinks that should be served will depend on how long you plan for this reception. For an hour, opt for a cocktail with 8-10 pieces. You need to increase the number of rooms to 15 or 20 for a two-hour reception. For food, ask the caterer for petit fours, bites, “surprise” breads or verrines. If your budget allows it, you can set up culinary events such as a wheel of parmesan and its Italian chef to offer parmesan pasta or a chocolate fountain with fresh fruit. Do not forget the sweet pieces and for this, it is necessary to count 3 or 4 pieces per person.

For drinks, champagne is the traditional drink , but it is possible to serve kir royal , organic wine , cocktails and fruit juice. If you take champagne , count one bottle for 4 people. Even if you only have adults, they should have a large selection of soft drinks.

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The wines to take for your reception

Tradition dictates that wine or champagne is served with small sweet and savory delicacies. For this choice, you must not take such and such a bottle because you and your companion appreciate it. You should select wines and champagnes according to local tradition . If you are from Charente, you can serve a Pineau des Charentes for your reception.

Offer your guests a Champagne from Epernay or a Champagne from Damery if your reception takes place in Champagne or if you are from this region. Bordeaux brides and grooms will have a wide choice between white and rosé Bordeaux . For the choice of your champagne , your wines and other alcoholic beverages, discover Oé organic wines . It is possible to have it delivered to the place of your choice within 24 hours .

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A few tips for organizing this important moment

Even if you want to please those people who are not invited to the meal, you should not organize a reception of honor of four or five hours. If that's what's happening at your wedding , the cocktail reception will be a part of the reception in its own right, and it'll be hard for you to get people to leave. As important as these people are, the guests at your reception should not be overlooked. The duration should be limited to 3 hours maximum and start the wine service as soon as possible so that your party does not delay.

It is not always easy to choose the place. If you organize it instead of the reception, these people are likely to invite themselves to the party. Choose another place that is not very far from the place of the reception and which is also not far from the town hall or the church to save time after the ceremony. Find out which party venues are in your area. Since the reception will only take place for two or three hours, it will not be necessary to rent seats equal to the number of guests. Don't forget that the cocktail reception is a standing buffet, so you won't need chairs. All the same, plan a good dozen chairs for the elderly, for pregnant women and for children. It will also be necessary to think of installing some parasols so that people can take shelter from the sun.

We tend to simplify the reception that we forget the animation. Plan a simple enough animation so that your guests at this reception also have the impression of participating in the wedding. For the comfort of your guests and for optimal space management, opt for several buffet tables instead of a single large table. To avoid crowds in front of the buffet, hire at least 2 servers to serve the appetizers. These servers can also be useful in the proportioning of food and drinks.