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Ordering online is now a very convenient way to shop for wine . It becomes easier to offer a gift to a loved one just by browsing the web, without having to move. Online wine sales sites have wide ranges of wines from around the world to help you find the ideal bottle, but not all have the same delivery methods. Delivery time and delivery locations (which are important for any online purchasing decision) often serve to distinguish these sites, in addition to the quality of the products and services they offer.

Several online wine sites stand out in terms of wine delivery , offering for example delivery in 24 to 48 hours to any address in France, and even free deliveries. Oé, for example, offers you an ideal experience to benefit from the best order delivery services, without forgetting the quality of responsible wines.

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Before delivery, how to choose the wine to offer? Giving a wine gift is a way to thank a loved one, or to wish them a happy birthday on the occasion of a birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day... There are nevertheless elements to consider before opt for a particular wine.

First, before you even consider giving a wine gift, make sure you know exactly what that person likes. For that, you have to carry out your little investigation! More often than not, what happens is that the person sending the gift chooses the wrong type of wine. If the recipient does not drink white wine , he will not appreciate receiving white wine. You can then opt for boxes containing white wine and red wine, this box will be suitable for sure.

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Be that as it may, knowing the recipient's preferences remains a sure way of not making mistakes. Wine lovers will certainly appreciate a grand cru champagne , so much will they be amazed by the reaction of their palate. Even a brut or dry champagne will delight them, especially when it comes to a festive event. You can also offer a vintage wine or a premier cru . People who know a bit about wine tasting will appreciate wines from the south west like Bordeaux , which are one of the best wines in France and the world. When it comes to wine gifts, you just have to avoid giving what you like, and focus instead on the tastes of the person.

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Nevertheless, always with a view to not making mistakes in the choice of the present to offer, Oé offers you to offer wine gift boxes . You can choose previously defined boxes of 2 or 6 bottles or compose them yourself by choosing bottles. The wines in your box may be different, when you have several favourites, for example; but you can also decide to offer the same bottle in several copies. Our selection of wines is made up of 100% organic wines.

In addition, the site offers an option that allows you to personalize your present, because pleasing a loved one with wine sometimes requires more than wine. The idea is to attach to the gift box a small letter full of words of thanks, love, or phrases evoking wishes for a wedding, a birthday, an end-of-year party... We will write it by hand with great pleasure.

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Place your order online

Once you have made your choices, you can begin the process of buying wines online . Because it's a confidential process and has an impact on your income, some sites require you to register before placing an order, sometimes for reasons that have nothing to do with your security. Some take advantage of this registration to carry out their marketing actions without your consent, or to impose various commitments on you via the wine box formulas each month.

On the other hand, Oé offers you perfect ergonomics with 100% secure payment . The latter is made by bank card during the validation of your order, which is the method of payment preferred by the site. The prices taken into account are those appearing at the bottom or next to the bottle.

Always when ordering, you indicate what you want to write as a word to attach to the box, and the Oé team takes care of writing the content for you. The beneficiary will only have to receive his present, because he will not see an invoice for the personalized gift box and will know that the content was written by you.

Once your order has been confirmed, you will receive an e-mail at the address you provided when ordering. This message contains the nature of the item ordered, the name of the carrier and the delivery date of your items.

Get delivered directly to your home

On Oé, you can have it delivered in mainland France within 24 to 48 hours . The wine gift boxes are delivered to your home or to a pick-up point. From 6 bottles, the shipping costs are free for delivery to a relay point . It takes an additional €1 for home delivery.

Once the package has arrived, you can check it and exercise your right of withdrawal in the event of a broken or corked bottle. As for the place of delivery, you can have your wine gift box delivered directly to the recipient, whether at their home or at their place of work. Of course, you can pick up your package and deliver it by hand to keep the symbolic and personal side of a gift delivery.

In addition, you have the possibility of following your parcel online and at any time, in order to avoid any unpleasant situation. For this, you have a parcel number, and you receive a telephone or electronic message as soon as the box leaves the warehouse. The carrier informs you of the time at which your package will arrive at the place indicated.

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