Which floral organic wine to choose? Our selection by color (white, rosé, red)

Take a rose in your hands, close your eyes, caress the petals with the tip of your nose and take a deep breath… it's nice, isn't it? At Oé, we love it!

We also do it often with our wine and we advise you to do the same, you could discover a palette of aromas as surprising and pleasant as each other.

What is an organic floral wine?

The vines draw nutrients from the soils ( limestone , clayey, chalky, etc. ) to feed themselves. From the roots to the bunches of grapes , nature does its job and the winegrower's know-how highlights the terroir cultivated through the wine. Our winegrowers do everything to sublimate it. It is the terroir, the grape variety, the vinification and the work of the winegrower coupled which give the characteristics of the wine.

Definition of a floral organic wine

Wine is a bit like a human being, it has its own character and personality traits . It's a bit like saying that someone is smiling, benevolent, generous or optimistic: you can absolutely say that a wine is floral ! This means that when youtaste it , you smell floral notes which can be more or less marked and will make a light or expressive wine . The palate and the sense of smell plunge you into your olfactory memories and take you on a journey.

Identify a floral organic wine

Tasting is sacred, we give you all the keys right here . We enjoy swirling our glass and seeing the wine dance. Observe the color of the beautiful dress and the tears that form.

Your wine speaks, do not hesitate to listen to it but above all to smell it… you will learn a lot about its history.

You can spot an organic floral wine even before you have it in your mouth . Trust your nose and let your memories guide you. Once in the mouth , the retro-olfactory function of your body allows you to smell all the aromas present in your wine and complete your analysis. You don't need superpowers to have agreat tasting ! ;)

The distinctive signs of a floral organic wine

The floral aromas are called primary aromas , which means that they depend on the grape variety and the terroir . These aromas, also called varietal aromas, include the majority of floral (jasmine, violet, acacia…), fruity (red fruits, lychee, pear…) and mineral (limestone, gunflint, chalk…) aromas.

We also did an article where we talk about the secondary and tertiary aromas that develop during vinification at the fermentation stage, then during maturing and ageing.

What aromatic notes can I find in an organic floral wine?

The aromatic scents of a floral organic wine

In love with his vines , the winegrower is well aware of the potential and character of the grape varieties he grows. He then plays on the blends (except for single varietal wines like our 100% Chardonnay Bugey ), to make you discover a pleasant aromatic palette in the mouth .

White grape varieties tend to develop a bouquet of aromas of white flowers , white -fleshed fruit flowers , citrus flowers and field flowers such as elderberry , acacia , almond tree , orange tree , apple , peach , honeysuckle or privet flower . Note that you can also make white wine with black grapes . We tell you more about it in this article “ Sweet white wine and vinification ” ;)

We greatly appreciate the notes of violet , rose , lime blossom , iris , reseda and broom that the grape varieties for red wines express wonderfully.

How to choose your organic floral wine?

At Oé, when choosing a wine, we don't hesitate to think about food and wine pairings .

When we are in an aperitif atmosphere with dried fruits and raw vegetables, for example, we really like to focus on the freshness of a fruity rosé with floral notes like our Mediterranean from Provence which combines citrus fruits and white flowers. And if it's more of a festive aperitif and you go all out, indulge yourself with the finesse of foie gras and a good sweet white wine . Just talking about it makes you salivate...

To bring lightness and suppleness to a hearty dish like a good raclette with friends, bet your chips on a good dry white wine , like our Bugey , which, with its floral notes, will soothe your stomach.

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How about a good red wine to accompany your cheese platter? We are fans. Whether you are team Port-Salut or team Roquefort, the right school is that of pleasure!

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The Grenache may remind you of broom while the Syrah has an air of violet. Pure product of Languedoc Roussillon , this good red wine has a frank attack , a good balance in the mouth , and it often makes everyone agree.

You have the right to be greedy, like us, and to want to treat yourself even with dessert. For this, we advise you to opt for a sweet wine , to avoid the acidity or bitterness that can be felt in contrast with the dessert.

Whether you are a fan of red wines , white wines or rosé wines , there is bound to be a wine from France that is made for you! Find all our AOC and IGP wines on our website . Discover for example ourred and white Côtes-du-Rhône , our Corbières , our red and white Bordeaux or our Vaucluse Principality of Orange .