Which fruity organic wine to choose? Our selection by color (white, rosé, red)

Can we say of a fruity organic wine that it gives the peach? Certainly my captain, and not only! The wine is made from grapes , a fruit, but the variants of grape varieties, terroirs and vinification are all parameters that favor the development of the many fruity aromas . A fruity organic wine can therefore express a multitude of fruit aromas, each as succulent as the next. The flavors in the mouth explode and your pleasures overlap.

Fruit notes in wine are quite a story. The best way to discover them is to test them! So to guide you through all this, we have brought together the most important information for us (our mouth and our nose), so that at the next meal, the wine will no longer hold any secrets for you!

What does a fruity organic wine mean?

Fruit aromas: where are they found in wine?

Fruit speaks to us. Banana, pear, strawberry, and even tomato. Well know that in your wine too you can feel these fruits. No, no, it is not a joke ! When we say feel, it is not because they have been added to it, but because you can find fruit flavors when tasting them.

To learn more about wine aromas and how they work, take a look at this article.

What does a fruity organic wine look like?

To start, you have to know the difference between a fruity wine and a sweet wine.

A sweet wine has a high sugar content, which allows transformation into alcohol during alcoholic fermentation . Conversely, fruit aromas are what give a wine its fruitiness, and they evolve throughout the winemaking process .

Some rather dry wines are fruity and a good example is our white Bordeaux , which lets the fruit notes express themselves without being too sweet.

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The fruity aromas are what are called “ primary aromas ”, which depend on the grape varieties and the terroirs . A fruity organic wine is obviously a wine in which the grape expresses itself while also keeping a little room for a string of other fruity aromas .

What aromas can be found in a fruity organic wine?

When the winemaker prepares his wine, it's a bit like a magician concocting his potion. He can vary the containers, the duration of the stages and also play on the blends of grape varieties to find the balance that suits him. So he takes care of his vines which grow on the hillsides , soak up the nutrients of the soil and soak up the sun to make a good juice, tasty and aromatic .

When we think of a fruity organic wine at Oé, we tend to have sparkling eyes and salivating mouths at the idea of ​​discovering so many fruit aromas . Yes, a fruity organic wine is a generous and pleasant wine which offers in the mouth a feeling of biting into a dessert.

  • You can find in red wine fruity aromas of red fruits such as raspberry, cherry, blackcurrant, gooseberry, prune, blackberry, morello cherry or strawberry .

  • For white wines, let yourself be carried away by citrus fruits, pineapple, apricot, apple, banana, peach, melon, exotic fruits and figs.

  • The rosés do not leave you indifferent with, for example, passion fruit, mango, lychee, but also red fruits and white-fleshed fruits.

When we talk about a fruity organic wine , we often think of a wine with a lot of roundness , very pleasant on the palate, which gently settles you in a cloud and takes your palate on a journey.

Which fruity organic wine to pair with my dishes?

At Oé there are only bon vivants so we don't forget to pair our wines with delicious little dishes. What is a pleasure if we don't share it? We have made a list of some grape varieties that we love and we hope you will enjoy it too!

Fruity organic wines: which appellations to have at home?

There are different wine appellations in France : AOC, AOP, IGP. Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée ; Protected Designation of Origin ; Protected Geographical Indication .

Ellesi impose certain rules on production and marketing, in particular on grape varieties depending on the location. The winegrower is not obliged to follow the specifications and he can develop his wine according to his own criteria, but he cannot affix the AOC ( controlled designation of origin ) or IGP ( protected geographical indication ) labels to the bottle . These appellations allow you to find your way around more easily and to turn to wines whose grape varieties are more fruity than others.

Indulge yourself by testing our Bordeaux AOC and its notes of red fruits.

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And also discover our Côte-du-Rhône AOC with its nose of white peach and pear.

Le Côtes-du-Rhône

11,10 €

Grenache blanc • Roussanne

Fruity organic wines: food-wine pairings

The Grenache grape variety is a very gourmet grape variety . It goes very well with eggplant and fresh cheese lasagna with its notes of red fruits and black fruits . A rosé wine made from Merlot brings fruit and roundness to your mouth, so don't hesitate to put it in the spotlight when you want to make planchas or barbecues!

The Cabernet-Sauvignon grape gives wines of great finesse and accompanied by a beautiful rib of beef, it will be flawless.

Sauvignon blanc , very well known for white wines all around the globe, cannot leave you indifferent when its aromas of white fruits and blackcurrant are expressed. Taste it with a mixed salad from the South-West (lamb's lettuce, potato, smoked duck breast, red onion and a touch of walnut oil) and let yourself be carried away by the freshness of this wine.

Pinot noir is an essential grape variety found mainly in Alsace and Burgundy, and which we highly recommend to accompany snails a la bourguignonne, a great classic.

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