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Which providers to choose for a responsible wedding?

Hey, we're interested in you wedding planners ! When you organize a wedding , it is better to know how to surround yourself with the best service providers. Today, we give you our tips to make the hearts of the bride and groom beat faster. Do you remember the movie The Meaning of the Party ? It's always better not to have a kitchen assistant who speaks mechanically when you ask him if he knows how to carve a turbot. It rarely happens in real life, since as a wedding planner, you know how to choose what is best for the bride and groom. And as more and more brides pay attention to the environmental impact of their weddings, they call on eco-responsible service providers . And that's where you come in. With a well-stocked address book, you're sure to meet their desires. For that, we mark the way for you with our listing of the best eco-responsible service providers to organize an eco-friendly wedding. Let's go !

The Midori website

The good news for wedding planners is that sites exist to reference all eco-friendly addresses and set up an ethical wedding. With the team, we really like Midori. Midori is a blog created by Alejandra and Anne-Sophie, two friends passionate about weddings based in Lyon who share the same observation as us. The impact of weddings on the environment is real and with the right alternatives, we can reduce it and offer good and beautiful weddings at the same time. For the record, Midori means “green” in Japanese, which clarifies their mission to preserve nature while helping to prepare responsible weddings. We love ! They choose the best addresses throughout France and today, we also share our findings with you.

Service providers for the reception venue

A beautiful reception venue for a wedding makes all the difference. And if the place in question is ecological, it is perfect. If the newlyweds like rustic and intimate ceremonies, we suggest you organize it at Chalet Nantailly in Savoie Mont Blanc. This ecological lodge puts nature at the heart of its principles: it is supplied with local and renewable energy, promotes local food, offers vegetarian menus, educates its guests about waste reduction and soft mobility.

A dream location for your wedding

And yes, we also advise you to choose a place for the reception and the wedding meal close to the place of the ceremony. That way, we avoid the procession of cars and opt for a procession on foot if possible. If the reception venue is outdoors, eco-responsible nomadic tents from Bero Europe and structures made of sustainably managed wood or bamboo that you will find on Bambouctou are good ethical choices for the planet.

And to have more space and a bucolic style, we suggest you take a look at the Château de Luponnas , a 1779 estate located 70 km from Lyon, where the bride and groom and their guests can sleep. It's dreamy, isn't it?

Your food service providers for the menu and drinks

Who says responsible marriage, says organic menus and wines for everyone. We have great addresses in Lyon that offer organic, seasonal and vegetarian menus. For starters, we recommend Comptoir Sauvage , an organic coffee shop that also does a catering service for small and large events and offers vegetarian cuisine. The team works with local producers to have the best fresh and organic products. They have even implemented biodegradable packaging and offer gluten-free and vegan alternatives.

You can also call on Marza Food , which offers natural, healthy and environmentally friendly cuisine. Bouchra and Delphine take care of delivering you around Lyon and you can delight the bride and groom and the guests at the wedding meal. For small sweet pleasures, we send you to Génarium Framboise. We don't know about you but for us, the name already makes our mouths water. Behind this pastry, hides Françoise who prepares organic desserts with subtle blends of fruits and essential oils. Very concerned about the environment, it is certified organic and uses only natural products.

Top food service providers

For the rest of France, we also have other addresses for you:

  • Ethics & toques , an organic and fair trade caterer in Paris ,
  • Paint in Green , a vegetable caterer also in Paris,
  • BioChef , in Aix-en-Provence , which offers products from a family farm in organic farming.

And for the organic wine to accompany all these good dishes, we take care of everything. All our wines are organic, vegan and zero pesticides. Our mission is to do good with good and to promote sustainable viticulture and a benevolent way of consuming. We work hand in hand with winegrowers certified in organic farming who are committed to the environment and honor biodiversity in the heart of their vines. We are also the first wine brand to have put the deposit back in place and we are moving forward on the path to zero waste with our logistics . When we choose organic wine for a wedding, we do good for our planet, our health, and we support committed winegrowers. Nothing better to charm the bride and groom concerned about the environment. And what about taste then? Well , according to a study published this year in the journal Ecological Economics, certification of organic wines improves their qualities, so organic wine would taste better . It's beautiful, isn't it? Normal is organic. White wine , rosé wine , red wine and Crémant d'Alsace you have the choice to match your caterer's dishes. Trust us, we'll take care of the rest!

Le Saint-Emilion Grand Cru

22,50 €


We advise you on the right quantities and the choice of wines that will accompany the menu . And it can depend on a lot of things, like the wedding reception venue. Whether in the Languedoc , in the Mediterranean or inthe Rhône Valley, what is certain is that we will necessarily have an organic wine for the occasion. Imagine yourself in Bordeaux, with its Dunes du Pilat, its vineyards, its castles. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase the wines of the region, a good Bordeaux or a Saint-Emilion. The choice of wines can also depend on the taste of the bride and groom. Depending on their desires, we recommend the wines that will suit them best. And to match the menu you have chosen with your caterer, we help you see more clearly. Sweet ordry wine for cheese-based starters or a salad. White wine for dishes with green vegetables or red wine for stronger dishes. Crémant for fruit desserts androuge for chocolate fondants. There are perfect matches and we help you choose them.

For the quantities, for a wedding of 50 people, you can plan:

  • 17 bottles of crémant or champagne for the reception,
  • 9 bottles of white wine for the starter,
  • 25 bottles of red wine or 17 bottles of white wine for the dish,
  • 9 bottles of red for the cheese and 9 bottles of crémant or champagne for the dessert.

That's for theory, in practice, we adapt to all situations to make the best choice.

The wedding dress and suit

An organic or fair trade wedding dress is possible and good for the planet. If the bride and groom ask you for advice on where to find organic dresses, we've thought of everything and found several committed and environmentally conscious designers . Like Elsa Gary in Agen, a family and artisanal business that makes all its dresses by hand. All styles are represented: bohemian, chic, classic. You can also advise them of La Sève in Lyon, created by Ophelia and whose mission is to make weddings more ethical. For this, this great team acts to reduce its impact and carefully chooses its partners and suppliers according to their eco-responsible approaches. La Sève selects its pieces so that every taste can be found there and gives advice on its blog to organize the most eco-friendly wedding possible. And to properly highlight the outfit of the bride and groom, you need the right photographer. For that, we recommend Gwendoline Noir who will take care of capturing the beautiful moments of the day.

And for the rest of France, we still have other addresses to share:

An organic dress for an organic wedding

For makeup and hairstyles, we invite you to check outFG Makeup , which uses natural and cruelty-free products . And for men, you can find certified organic linen, hemp or wool suits at Samson orBonne gueule , an e-shop that also has a store in Lyon and Paris. They defend quality and responsible men's fashion, all in natural materials.

Our favorite ideas

Eco-responsible wedding decoration

Some addresses specialize in eco-responsible decoration for weddings, such as Velvet Rendez-vous in Lyon, which decorates weddings with sustainable materials, second-hand items made in-house or locally. Madeleine de Proust opts for a minimalist approach and does a lot with little and makes wedding decoration as sustainable as it is responsible. For crockery rental, we like Mamzelle Vintage , which specializes in tableware and vintage decoration. And when it comes to floral decoration, Les Imparfaits or Laëtitia Clément in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region are hitting the mark when it comes to adopting eco-responsible principles : zero plastic, seasonal flowers from local, nothing is left to chance.

Committed alliances

More and more jewelers are offering wedding rings in ethical diamonds, certified outside conflict zones and in recycled gold. And yes, gold mining is an activity that pollutes a lot. When you choose recycled gold for your wedding rings, you also choose to preserve the planet. Precious metals are infinitely recyclable, so why deprive yourself of them? If the bride and groom are sensitive to this approach and want responsible and ethical alliances , you can recommend jewelers like Paulette à Bicyclette , Or du Monde , the Breton workshop Breidal or even which guarantees extraction methods that respect the planet and people.

Responsible shares

In terms of cards, there are great initiatives such as Faire-part Green , which makes ecological announcements made from 100% recycled and seeded paper, or Save the Date , founded by Marie-Eve, who had a very good idea. For each order over 60€, she agrees to plant a tree, great, isn't it? In addition, these papers are also 100% recycled, its printer has the Imprim'Vert label and its packaging is made from recycled materials.

We hope you have been given a few strings to complete your bow and surround yourself well in the preparations for future weddings. All you have to do is take the reins and follow the path of eco-responsibility. This list is not exhaustive, if you know addresses to advise us, write to us at , we will be happy to share your nuggets on our site.

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