Agissons pour le climat

Global warming: how to change things on your scale?


Ah our beautiful blue planet ! So beautiful, resilient and fragile at the same time. Climate change is here and the solutions are in our hands to preserve our environment . Have you ever got up in the morning with the desire to improve the world and stop climate change without really knowing where to start? At Oé, we are sure that with determination we can change everything. And that starts with getting information to understand our impact on earth. It is mainly our consumption and production methods that release greenhouse gases and increase our carbon footprint . Let's remain optimistic: we have prepared a brief overview of the simple actions to be taken to reverse the trend. We tell you everything here, let's go!

Sorting and recycling to fight against global warming

Intergovernmental, national and regional arrangements exist to address climate change . In addition to the actions of the State and countries through international summits, we can act on our side. At Oé, we have understood this and it is for this purpose that we have become a company with a mission this year. 

A company with a mission is a company whose main objectives are to improve the planet from an environmental and social point of view. Each person at their own level can do their part for the planet . Sorting and recycling are, among other things, part of the responsible citizen actions and habits that can be adopted, and make it possible to avoid 5% of the country's CO2 emissions according to a study by Federec and Ademe. 

When we sort, we treat the waste, we recycle it and we avoid extracting raw materials from the ground to produce new objects. It is important to talk about it to integrate this habit into everyone's daily life. When we favor recycled and recyclable containers and washable objects, we reduce the use of disposable goods that are still overused in France and around the world. A French person produces an average of 573 kilos of waste per year. Disposable waste produces a lot of CO2 between recovery transport and incineration or transformation procedures. By reusing resources rather than throwing them away after use, we considerably reduce our environmental impact. This is the concept of the circular economy !

We recycle

At Oé, the circular economy speaks to us! We deliver our partners with stainless steel pallets and returnable lockers: zero tape and zero cardboard. Cannon, isn't it? Our labels are recycled and recyclable . Our bottles are returnable , you can bring them back to the store where they were purchased, this is the principle of the deposit . The bottles are taken to a partner washing center before being reintroduced into the circuit. Awesome, isn't it? And we haven't told you everything. Our wines are also available in bulk thanks to our partnership with Jean Bouteille. Good organic wine in bulk, do you like it?

Acting for less deforestation and pollution

To act against deforestation, we must already be aware of the causes before acting on the consequences.

Intensive farming is responsible for 15% of greenhouse gas emissions according to a 2013 study published by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations . This production needs a lot of water and accelerates deforestation . What is the link between intensive farming and deforestation will you tell me? We will explain everything to you ! Trees are felled to allow animals to graze or to make way for agricultural plots to feed them. Trees absorb CO2 and store the carbon in the air in the ground, if too many trees are cut down without replanting, the level of CO2 in the air increases. Our trees are our friends, we know that, at Oé we have already told you about them here .

Our friends the trees

It is enough to be informed to fully understand the products harmful to the environment and those which are not. For example, not buying chemicals that will be dumped in our waters and oceans limits pollution. Favoring products without palm oil responsible for deforestation and buying products that carry labels that guarantee sustainable forest management helps to renew our resources. Nature is beautiful and full of resources for Man and we must not take everything from him. Cutting down a tree is ok

it is necessary for humans, replanting to promote biodiversity, or developing plots in agroforestry like Franck and Véro, our Oé winegrowers , is even better.

This is why labels like FSC ( Forest Stewardship Council) exist. This label protects the forests, ensures their replanting and is concerned with respecting the indigenous populations. At Oé, our natural cork stoppers come from an FSC forest in Portugal . We do our best to offer you a bottle that is 100% environmentally friendly, fully consistent with our commitments and our Oé Program for biodiversity. 

Want to learn more about the Oé Program? It's here !

Consume more responsibly

A conscious and responsible diet

Food also has an impact on the climate . Eating local and seasonal products helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and our carbon impact . At Oé, we love grapes, it's no secret, we want to eat them all year round! But for the planet, we eat it only in September and October so as not to have to buy grapes that come from far away. This is the period when the grapes are ripe and perfect for tasting in France. After October, we wait for the following year, and that's also probably what makes fruits and vegetables so charming: eating them during their season. As for fruits grown out of season in heated greenhouses, they emit even more greenhouse gases. Sometimes, being patient means doing a great service to the planet and above all rediscovering the happiness of tasting the fruit a few months later without getting tired. You do not think ?

Local and seasonal fruits and vegetables are good, being aware of our meat consumption and eating mindfully is just as important .

For several years with the Oé team, we have limited our meat consumption . Many of us are vegetarians and the whole team is flexitarian. We can meet our protein needs elsewhere than in animals, legumes and whole grains are a good alternative: we invite lentils, chickpeas and beans more often on our plates. The production of a kilo of cereals consumes much less water than its meat equivalent and emits up to ten times less greenhouse gases. So at Oé, we don't hesitate and we make good little vegetarian dishes !

Vegetarian Pie Recipe

Responsible fashion, a strong commitment to the planet

Responsible consumption is not just limited to meat, many other products are concerned, such as the textile industry. 10,000 liters of water are used to make jeans! It's crazy, right? In addition to resource depletion, textiles have an impact on soil degradation. The good news is that we can change that. By buying products made from more ecological materials or which have a label that certifies a lower impact on the environment, such as the European Ecolabel label . Want to know more about fashion? That's good, we wrote an article that explains the ethical solution of slow fashion.

At Oé, we are proud to have the Organic Agriculture (AB) label as proof of our commitment to the planet. And yes, we know thanks to ADEME ( the ecological transition agency) that agriculture is responsible for 20% of greenhouse gas emissions . We work with all our winegrowers to contribute to carbon neutrality and produce good organic wines . So whether it's for clothes or our everyday meals, the ideal is always local and organic!

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Choose less polluting transport!

Did you know ? Transport is the main cause of greenhouse gas emissions in France . The more we limit our transport, the more we do good for our blue planet. If you can't come to the office by bike and you really have good reasons like living too far away or if you've never learned to ride a bike without your two wheels (we promise, we won't judge), you You can carpool, take the bus, train or metro. If your company allows you, you can also telecommute, in addition to being more productive, you can gracefully enjoy 30 minutes more sleep and be ready to tear up the day. In a study by ADEME, we see that the average distance of a trip is 3 km. Pedaling or walking this distance is good for the body and the morale. Something to get some fresh air and disconnect!

At Oé, we are aware of the impact our transport has on the planet. We have chosen to optimize the transport of our returnable bottles and we are working towards Zero Waste logistics . In each region, the bottles are collected by a local partner to be transported to the washing center. In Lyon, our partner Rebooteille takes care of receiving our returnable bottles . For our deliveries in Lyon, we have chosen to deliver to you by bike and it is our partner Fends la bise who takes care of it.

Commit to the environment with your bank

Do you know that our bank accounts pollute? Banks use the money to finance polluting projects and companies such as oil and invest in fossil fuels. The good news is that you can also finance green projects through your bank. Banks are increasingly offering green and solidarity funds to their customers. Becoming ethical and responsible starts with our money and not only with what we buy but also with our bank. At Oé, we are at the NEF!

Banks such as Hélios , Green Got and La Nef offer to place the money of savers in the financing of projects in favor of ecological transition such as sorting waste and preserving biodiversity . All this transparently. We explain everything to you to know how to commit to the environment with your bank.

Limit our environmental impact

We can change things, every gesture counts to take another step for the environment!

  • Prefer a shower to a bath to consume less water,
  • Avoid running water unnecessarily while doing the dishes or brushing your teeth,
  • Turn off the lights when leaving a room and opt for energy-saving light bulbs,
  • Lower the heating at home and in the office and choose the “eco program” for the dishwasher and the washing machine.

In short, as you already know, we can easily reduce our energy consumption and offset our carbon footprint by opting for sustainable alternatives. They exist in all fields. Speaking of that, the winegrowers have understood this well and that is why they have been committed for years beyond organic viticulture . They plant hedges, trees, let nature develop as much as possible in their plots and do not use chemicals. They choose what is best for our world and to offer good organic wines. Yes, you have it: to do good with good!

In harmony with the vines

If everyone brings their stone to the building, together we can build great and beautiful things. Imagine a greener, more breathable world, where man is in harmony with biodiversity. A world where pollution and climate change are a distant memory and no longer represent a danger to us and our environment. Where resources are not exhausted and where everyone consumes less and better . A world where we have built a sustainable future for all. This world there, it is possible and it begins immediately. Let's play !
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