Oé biodiversity program

Regenerate soils and preserve biodiversity

With the team, we believe in a softer, more beautiful, more desirable world where the living would be the priority, our priority.

We live in a world that always wants more, that goes always faster. What if we rethink our lifestyles? What if we worked for a more desirable and sustainable world? What if we reinvented the world of #Tomorrow using new stories?

We may be utopian, but it feels good to believe in it. To think that a world where the Living would be the priority is possible.

And that's why we allocate 1% of our turnover to our Oé program for biodiversity to finance projects and actions with winegrowers .

For example, we have already put in place more than 1000m of agroforestry hedges, the installation of nesting boxes at Franck and Véro in Pujols, and the creation of a sheepfold with endangered species of goats and sheep in partnership with the Aquitaine breeds conservatory to take care of the vines at Pascal and Nico in Saint-Michel de Lapujade in the Bordeaux region.

To find out more, we invite you to discover the projects carried out by our winegrowers and those to come right here.

  • Franck and Veronique

    Hedge planting and agroforestry

  • pascal and nicholas

    Hedges, nest boxes, lots of biodiversity and Pyrenean goats

  • Corinne

    Next action to follow very soon

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To contribute to regenerating the Living, we surround ourselves with the right people.

Biomede supports us in soil analysis to understand its composition and check the heavy metal content. If there are too many - they are measured in ppm, the famous parts per million - we offer Oé winegrowers regenerative plants to extract from the soil and revalorize.

After the soil analysis, we audit the vineyards to have recommendations on the aspects
environmental, social and economic. Our partner EcoFarms plays this role. Following their recommendations, we set up the environmental actions in place that we finance thanks to the Oé Program for biodiversity or via the MiiMOSA crowdfunding platform.

The Oé Program association

To go further, we are in the process of setting up our association. We will tell you more very very soon!

And if you want to participate in the movement for biodiversity, we provide you with plans for a nest box to accommodate small birds with all the installation advice.