What wine to pair with your capon at Christmas?

Which wine with capon?

What is a capon?

The capon is a breed of rooster. In order to have a very tender and soft flesh and an imposing weight, it is castrated. This sterilization differentiates it from other breeds. The color of its legs varies between blue, white or pink. When purchased, it comes without a crest.

The nutrition of the capon is based on dairy products and cereals, which promotes the beauty of the flesh of this capon and the elimination of bad fat in it. Impressive how well it fills our plate!

Origin of the capon

The word capon comes from the Latin "cappo" which means cut. The consumption of capon dates back to centuries BC, in Rome. Senator Caius Fannius Strabo had made the decision to reduce meat and chicken in the city.

In order to avoid fattening the chickens, the farmers circumvented the law by castrating the roosters which gained weight more quickly. Then they fed them with dairy products and cereals. In France, the majority of capons are in the Bresse channels. The rooster called a capon in France is at least 8 months old and weighs at least 3 kg.

How to cook with capon?

The capon is a classic meal for the Christmas party, but which always has its effect. This main course is the one everyone loves, so don't get confused about the wine choice. The capon dish is a star during the festive period. The flesh of the poultry has this particularity of being very dry although it is overtaken by its greasy skin. The different recipes include: roasted capon with port cream , capon with coconut milk , capon stuffed with mushrooms , capon cooked with lemongrass , half-mourning with truffle risotto , capon with cream of orange , capon stuffed with chestnuts ….

Perfect agreement capon and white wine

The capon prepared with coconut milk, lemongrass, or orange cream with a white Burgundy wine will have its effect at the table. It is produced thanks to the Chardonnay grape variety , it creates bold flavors lined with fresh fruit such as pineapple and exotic fruits.

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If you cook your poultry with sweet and savory ingredients, a sweet white wine like Sauternes will go perfectly with your dish.

The ideal names

Chablis 1er Cru
Chablis 1er Cru is a safe bet! It will go perfectly with your roasted capon. In order to take advantage of its aromas, serve your wine chilled but not cold.

It is the best known of sweet wines. Serve your Sauternes with an orange capon, for example. The ideal is to choose a young vintage.

Red wine and capon

If the red wine goes perfectly with the capon in terms of color, it is advisable to serve it with mellow red wine with a fruity flavor, it very well specifies the fatty side of the poultry simmered in butter.

Capon stuffed with chestnuts or mushrooms goes very well with Saumur Champigny. Saumur is a red wine that comes from the Loire Valley , it is made from Cabernet Franc grape varieties. Their aromas of red and black fruits are mitigated by a touch of clove. This wine goes very well with capon. Roasted or grilled capon goes very well with Mercurey or Côtes de Beaune .

The ideal names

With its much more sustained taste, it imposes itself in the mouth compared to Saumur, this red wine awakens vanilla and vegetation tastes in the mouth.

The Côtes de Beaune
Refined and classy, Beaune red wine highlights flavors of stewed red fruits. Let it age in the cellar for a few years before serving it at the table with capon.