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3 keys to serving and tasting your wines well!

Who hasn't drunk a soup of red wine in a brasserie, an iced white Burgundy in a trendy café and in an unsuitable glass? Just because some professionals neglect wine service doesn't mean you can't do well at home!

1) Glass

Don't invest in luxury glassware with multiple models that you'll break in no time, but don't serve your precious nectars in poor quality chalices either. A single glass is sufficient for all wines, often also called Universal in the ranges of our dear manufacturers. Not too big, not too heavy, not too wide, and above all… not too expensive! It will simply have a foot, a leg (yes!) and above all a tulip shape, closed at the top, to concentrate the aromas, and retain the wine that you will swirl around during your precious moments of relaxation...

2) The carafe

If there are glasses, there is a carafe. In the same way no need to spend a fortune, opt for simple, solid. Its use is reserved for young red wines , to help the aromas to unfold, to erase a slight lack of reduction or to tame an aging that is sometimes too intensive ( woody taste , very young wine, etc.) Do not be afraid to oxygenate certain whites by uncorking the bottle, when they are also “closed”.

3) Temperature

A white that is too cold, a red that is too warm? How to do? A dry and young white will be served most of the time well chilled. Get out of the fridge and open! As soon as it is matured in barrels and shows a more opulent profile, it will be served a little less “frozen”. Half an hour outside the refrigerator to gently raise the temperature, and you're done! At the same temperature will be served the fruity, light reds. And especially in summer! About 12°C.

The characterful reds will be served around 18°C, no hotter, let's keep the mulled wine for the Christmas market! To simplify things, it is better to be too cold than too hot, because there is no rush when it comes to tasting! The wine will settle on its own at the right temperature during the conversation...

Enjoy it all !

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