6 astuces pour créer un événement responsable 

6 tips for creating a responsible event

You have been commissioned by your company to organize an event. Great, but where do you start to make your evening the most responsible meeting of the year? Oeh, we're giving you a boost right here!

Reduce CO2 emissions through location selection

The easier the place is to access (close to public transport, accessible by all, known to GPS and especially Waze, etc.) the more guests will find the place easily without polluting unnecessarily with their car. Guests will arrive more relaxed and you'll be less stressed about not seeing anyone arrive. Find out about the building's power supply (renewable energy, low-consumption lighting, controlled heating or air conditioning, etc.), water consumption to ensure that the toilets have a dual flush, that the taps are automatic and efficient, ask if the place does selective sorting, recovers rainwater, etc. One might think that for one evening all these elements are not important. And yet, by doing the simple calculation of multiplying the use of water and electricity by the number of people present at the evening and then by the number of events held each year, every detail makes the difference.

Send the invitation by sms or email

The advantage of an invitation by text or email? They won't risk losing it or forgetting to print it (unnecessarily). Mention explicitly and in bold not to print the invitation and to delete the email once the evening is over (and yes… the email also pollutes!). Once there, favor the distribution of information on connected tablets or on recycled paper with “green” inks. If you need to create badges, choose reusable media with recycled paper with each person's first and last name.

Organize carpools

In addition to offering more safety, carpooling makes it possible to pollute less, to serve as an “ice breaker” (“break the ice” and start to get into the mood) and to designate Sams to return. You can also offer to come by electric bike by making it available to your employees and introducing a new mode of transport to get to the event.

Offer a homemade buffet by a local artisan

In addition to being prepared with organic and seasonal food, the delivery of a locally produced buffet will pollute less. You will also have less risk of not receiving the order on time. And of course, the ideal is to make sure before ordering that the caterer does not use plastic or over-packaging to present the buffet.

Ban plastic cutlery and glasses

Many of them offer it, the glass service delivers to your home clean and ships the next day dirty. The real benefit: no dishes for you. Even if the service costs more, you will have fewer trash bags to empty at the end of the evening and the guests will appreciate the more “upscale” and prestigious effect of the event.

Choose eco-responsible gifts

Rewarding your guests is a great idea (unless you choose useless trinkets)! Give a gift they'll want to keep and above all useful so that it doesn't end up in Aunt Renée's old cupboards. To help you, you can favor eco-designed and fair trade gifts. Some examples of great companies to inspire you: Dream Act, The Trust Society, Hakuna Taka…

During the presentation speech of the event, communicate on all the actions implemented to make the guests aware of the impact of "small actions" and inspire them to adopt an eco-responsible approach in the office and at home. personal title. Banco, it's aperitif time!

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