The Oé team offers delivery from 6 bottles ordered!

Meet the Cajoo company, the lightning-fast shopping delivery service!

Recently, we have been working with our partner Cajoo, the expert in home shopping delivery in 15 minutes ! You have to see it to believe it, so we invite you to discover them through an interview with Pauline, Community Manager at Cajoo. Let's go !

Cajoo, grocery delivery in 15 minutes

Can you tell us about Cajoo? 

“The project was born not that long ago because Cajoo is only 5 months old. Launched by Henri, Guillaume and Jérémy, the idea is to revolutionize the way we do our shopping thanks to a simple application and an extremely short delivery time. We spend several hours a week in a supermarket choosing our products, browsing the store, queuing, when we could spend this precious time with our loved ones or playing sports, for example. Today, Cajoo's promise is to allow you to spend your free time doing something other than shopping . Drink a small glass of Oé with your friends, for example! (laughs)”

What is Cajoo's area of action? 

“Cajoo is available in Paris (as far as Neuilly-sur-Seine, Boulogne-Billancourt, Levallois-Perret), Lyon , Lille , Montpellier , Toulouse , Bordeaux and Nice … It was important for us to be able to convince as many French people as possible , as quickly as possible. For that, we hired super qualified and motivated City Launchers and Hub Managers . They did a crazy job and are not about to stop there!”

Why Oé wines? 🥰

“Wines that are part of our time: respect for nature and taste while remaining affordable. Challenges met, we are a fan!”

What are your commitments?

“Cajoo is a French company , proud of its heritage, which favors local players in its choice of partnerships when possible: “let's eat and drink local”. We are sensitive to the well-being of our deliverers, they are equipped with electric bicycles, they are paid by the hour and are salaried (this means that they are insured and contribute to their retirement).”


If you have any questions to ask the Cajoo team, do not hesitate to write to them directly on their social networks Instagram Facebook Twitter Linkedin !

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