À la rencontre de Maison Poirier, traiteur événementiel en région parisienne

Meet Maison Poirier, event caterer in the Paris region

They adopted Oé wines a few months ago, and we continue to forge links together to offer you the best.

We often talk to you about the delicious food and wine pairings to taste with our organic Oé wines. Well today, we are talking about an exceptional partner: La Maison Poirier .
Maison Poirier is above all a story that dates back to 1977 with
a turnkey event catering service . We tell you more today!

Maison Poirier, gourmet and committed event caterer

A good caterer is the key to happiness. With Maison Poirier, we are proud to offer Oé wines to accompany their delicious buffets and other catering services with the sole objective of delighting you while taking care of the planet.

Maison Poirier covers many events, including:

  • receptions and lounges with tailor-made cocktails and buffets. The team of butlers manages everything for you for the greatest pleasure of the guests.
  • corporate events around good buffets, with equipment and reception furniture.
  • culinary events such as the oyster bar or pan-fried prawns, ice cream rolls and crêpes workshops, waffle bars, frozen yoghurts, chocolate, beers and smoothies.

And to wash it all down, they offer
Oé wines ! Maison Poirier also offers equipment rental to make your life easier: coffee machines, refrigeration equipment, kitchen equipment and reception furniture.

In addition to offering a quality service with local, organic and seasonal products, it is also committed in all its efforts to reducing its waste and offering events with the least possible emissions. To give you an idea, a wedding or big event generates an average of 15 tonnes of CO2 .

“The best waste is that which does not exist”.

Like Oé, Maison Poirier is a company on a human scale , one of the main challenges being to offer top-notch customer service . It is the benevolence and the quality of the food and wine pairings that guide our steps to do good with good .

Doing good with good with Maison Poirier

What drives us is to do good with good. We share this mission with Maison Poirier. They offer fresh, local and seasonal products for their events . They offer traditional and modern dishes , accompanied by quality service and great commitments for the planet. The packaging is eco-responsible and biodegradable . Their 3 fundamentals are quality, availability and proximity.

The icing on the cake ? The service includes a privileged interlocutor who advises you and accompanies you from the preparation of your event to D-Day.

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