À la rencontre de Rebooteille, notre partenaire du réemploi des bouteilles en région Rhône-Alpes

Meet Rebooteille, our bottle reuse partner in the Rhône-Alpes region

Since our beginnings and the launch of returnable bottles at Oé, we started by working with Rebooteille , the deposit provider in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region . We tell you more about them in this article. Are you tempted? By bike Simone!


Hello Bastien, can you introduce Rebooteille?

“With Rebooteille, we are developing a sector for reusing glass packaging on the Rhône, Loire and Ain. This territorial solution allows the reuse of glass containers, to reduce their environmental impact . It includes collection with shared transport, eco-efficient washing and the delivery of clean bottles to producers. This service also offers support for all actors in the chain in this transition. Today, we are 4 project leaders and a volunteer in civic service. We work daily to set up this new sector.”

Rebooteille, our partner consigns in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region
📷 Theo Viallard

Why did you want to start your business?

“The idea came from a great frustration every time I went to take my glass bottles to the glass silo, knowing that they would be broken to be remanufactured, whereas a simple washing would restore their new life. This project is close to our hearts because it contributes, on its own scale, to the reduction of waste , and contributes to a real societal change: the end of all disposable and single-use packaging.”

How does the deposit and reuse of bottles work in general?

“As a consumer, you can buy bottles marked with a Rebooteille sticker or a sticker from another deposit partner in a partner store and, after having consumed them, bring them back to the store or collection point. You can find the list of partner stores on the Oé website and on the Rebooteille website. When a collection point is full, we take care of collecting the dirty bottles, washing them locally, and redistributing the clean bottles to partner beverage producers.”

What are the energy savings made by reusing bottles?

The environmental impact of reuse is much lower than that of recycling: 4 times less energy consumption, 5 times less pollution, and even 33% less water consumption ! Also, by reusing a bottle approximately 20 times (from 10 to 50 times depending on the type of bottle), there is 19 less waste to treat. And that's good for the planet (and for the budget of local authorities in charge of waste).”

Which actors do you work with?

“Our main partners are primarily beverage producers and bottlers (beer, wine, etc.), distributors (organic, bulk, local stores, etc.) who are also collection points, and the Ma Bouteille washing center call Come back to Valencia . Other partners contribute indirectly to the sector: suppliers of labels and bottles suitable for reuse, local authorities (Grand Lyon, etc.), institutions and funders (Ademe, RDI, etc.)...

We provide partner companies with a turnkey solution, which includes:

  • collection of dirty bottles at network collection points
  • the washing of dirty bottles via our partner Ma Bouteille is called Reviens à Valence
  • delivery of clean bottles to partner producers
  • and above all the advice and support in this transition for all the actors in the chain”

Do you have an anecdote to tell us about Rebooteille?

“When the producers don't have empty bottles to carry out the washing tests and entrust us with their last full cuvées that we have to taste before washing them, that's the best part of our job;)”

A word from the Rebooteille team:

“After 2 years of development (since 2018) and a year of small-scale operational start-up, we are now starting 2 years of ramp-up to lead to the commissioning of our washing center in 2023. We are working on this moment on milk, fruit juices and soft drinks to launch this during 2021.”

If you want to know more about Rebooteille, write to us at hello@oeforgood.com !
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