Abécédaire des vos vins bio !

ABC of your organic wines!

With the team, we offer you a little ABC on the words of organic wine. Full ahead!


Aligoté : white grape variety, authorized only in the “Bourgogne Aligoté” appellation, Bouzeron and Crémant de Bourgogne.

Aviner: "rinse" your glass with the next cuvée (usually a red or a white from another vintage or another winemaker, and discard the liquid before pouring yourself a glass.


Bacchus-Dionysus :
God of wine, vines and pleasures. He often holds a thyrsus in his hand, surrounded by vines and ivy and topped with a pine cone.


Cellar : “The cellar staircase is the surest and most pleasant way to go to Heaven”, Doctor Ozanon. The ideal temperature for a cellar is between 10 and 12°C.

Caudalie: unit of measurement which makes it possible to know the length in the mouth of a wine. It is counted in seconds at the rate of one caudalie per second.


Dom Pérignon : (1639–1715) the most famous of the winemaking monks. He is the first man from Champagne to have discovered the means of making white wine with black grapes. He then succeeded in keeping the fermentation bubbles thanks to the invention of the cork stopper and was the creator of sparkling Champagne as we know it today.



Separation of stalks and grapes before vinification.


Sheet : One sheet = 136 liters


Frost :
There are two methods for combating freezing: spraying with water or heating. Also used are the very controversial tarpaulins against evaporation.


Hotter : the one who wears the hood.

Hotteriau: hotteriot and hottriau also exist.


INAO: The National Institute of Origin and Quality, or (acronym of its former name National Institute of Appellations of Origin), is an establishment that supports producers who engage in quality procedures.


Javelle : small bundle of vine shoots.


Kir : name of the Dijon canon (and also mayor of the town) who offered a blanc-cassis of 1/3 cream for 2/3 Aligoté.


Lees : In oenology, lees refers to dead yeasts (and possibly some plant residues) which settle at the bottom of the container after fermentation.
It is also from this term that comes the name of the wine color (purplish red).


Vintage : Wine from the harvest of a single year.


Nebuchadnezzar : Bottle with a capacity of 15 liters.


Oxidation : All wine, as it ages, is subject to slow oxidation. This can become a fault if the wine is abnormally and suddenly exposed to air.


Trellising : spreading of branches in good exposure.


Quarteau or quartaut : small barrel, originally a quarter of a muid, of variable capacity depending on the region.


Grapes : Worldwide, 550 million quintals of grapes are produced, 77 million of which are used to make table wine. 9 are made into raisins. Spain is the largest producer...


Sarment : New vine branch.


Pruning : It takes place between December and March.


Used : A wine that has lost its characteristics with age


Harvest : 100 days after flowering.


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Yquem: vintage 1811, the most expensive bottle of white wine in the world sold for 85,000 euros in London in 2011.

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