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Gift around wine: overview of existing offers (boxes, boxes, accessories)

The best reason to give a gift is to not have one. There are many occasions, Father's Day , Mother's Day , birthdays or even Christmas , but the simple pleasure of giving can sometimes be enough. For wine lovers , there are endless gifts. Come on, come with us, we'll take you for a ride in the land of gifts !

Wine as a gift

Why make it complicated when it can be simple ? Offering wine to a wine lover is a guaranteed hit!

A prestigious gift idea, a beautiful bottle of wine

So, reading this article, do you have in mind your favorite bottles of wine dancing? In any case, while writing it, I do! I see a beautiful bottle of Châteauneuf-du-Pape , topped with its magnificent tutu and swirling in my head before bending down to finally pour its sweet nectar into a beautiful crystal glass. Mmmm!

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We all dream of having a cellar full of good wines, but reality is catching up with us and bottles of top-of-the-range wines are not cheap. A beautiful cellar is built over time, you have to know how to be patient and take the time to discover many wines to know your preferences. By offering a nice bottle of wine to your loved ones, you are sure to please them and help them fill their Ali Baba cave.

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A generous gift idea, a wine box

To choose is to give up and sometimes we don't want to choose or give up. White wine , rosé wine , red wine or even sparkling wine , difficult to choose, especially for a gift because you want to aim right. The wine box is ideal for this, and it is for this reason that at Oé we have prepared some ready-made boxes for you . We're making your job a little easier, but you can totally prepare your custom wine gift box to be sure it will please , isn't life beautiful?

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We speak from experience, a wine box always has a particular flavor for the person who receives it because the pleasure is increased tenfold and the possibility of testing different bottles is a real plus. Of course, it's not the size that counts, but between us, it's always a pleasure to receive six bottles of good wine.

An original gift idea, a monthly wine box

The wine subscription to a monthly box , here is an original gift . Let yourself be surprised each month by different aromas , blends , grape varieties and even terroirs . The wine box allows you to feel like an oenologist by tasting lots of different wines . Thanks to the box, you become a real wine dictionary by tasting bottles from all over France and especially by discovering sometimes unknown nuggets! This is how to easily differentiate yourself.

What gift to offer around wine?

It is by forging that one becomes a blacksmith, but to forge, it is better to be well equipped. Ditto for wine, what is a sommelier without his corkscrew and an oenologist without his glass of wine .

Accessories, a practical gift

We have hundreds of gift ideas around wine, the only limit is the one we impose on ourselves. Today, no limit, we think of everything. We were talking just before about wine, because it's the main element, the star, but sometimes the star has to be brought to light, pampered, dressed and everything done so that it fully exploits its full potential. For this, there are many accessories and elements that revolve around wine, which we sometimes forget and yet which make all the difference.

Table service always makes a good impression so why not offer beautiful wine glasses , an original carafe , a decanter or a design wine aerator . It takes something for all budgets and for that we thought of an inexpensive element which nevertheless has its little effect, the coasters . Yes, as Léonard de Vin said the details make the perfection and the perfection is not a detail ”.

For storage and service , you can opt for a cooler or a bottle holder and for smaller budgets , a nice stopper and a pouring spout are also very nice gifts. Who knows, maybe your friend will want to start collecting designer corks later, after all, some people collect stamps and beans well .

The corkscrew is also a must, and it exists in all forms. Small, large, simple, folkloric, there are even some that make sound. At Oé, we prefer simple things, with noble and less polluting materials , but the most important thing is that you please your loved ones .

Making a bottle of wine, a fun and educational gift

Since childhood, we all like to put on the bartender's cap from time to time. From grenadine to hot chocolate, including monaco, mojito or even aspirin in the glass of water, we love mixing things up, playing with drinks and creating our own potions. Who hasn't ventured one day into creating a cocktail by taking everything from the fridge?

Serving a drink is also very nice, improvising as a sommelier for a moment, reading the label aloud to the guests “Ladies, a red Bordeaux Oé , vintage 2019, produced by Franck and Véronique in Pujols, this blend of Merlot, Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon will awaken your senses with its nose of fresh red fruits and aromatic notes of spices”. Everything we love. And it's even classier when it's your cuvée , do you agree? So why not offer a wine creation workshop. Step into the skin of a winemaker for a day, the dream. The option of an oenology course is also an unforgettable gift .

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A wine getaway, a gift that makes you travel

Escape… we dream of it. Getting away from it all in the vineyards is even better! Alone, as a couple, with family or friends, the wine route welcomes everyone and leaves no one indifferent. We sometimes forget to offer experiences and yet, that leaves indelible traces in us. We are used to receiving physical gifts, materialism is almost obvious, so an original gift like a trip to our beautiful French vineyards helps us rediscover the value of real things. Take a walk , observe the landscape and enjoy a tasting of extraordinary food and wine .

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DIY (Do It Yourself) from Oé, a responsible gift idea for all occasions

At Oé, we love recycling so we couldn't miss it, especially since it allows you to create personalized gifts and that's great! Since we're talking about wine , let's stay on topic and see what can be done from a bottle .

How about we start at the top. We sometimes forget that the bottle of wine has its little hat, the cork . We tend to throw it away thinking it's useless and yet we can do lots of great things with it. Our stoppers are made of corks from FSC forests and this beautiful raw material looks great for homemade creations. You can make trivets , bottle coasters , paintings and you can even cut them into very small pieces to put them in flower pots. Otherwise, with toothpicks and a piece of fabric, you are equipped to make a super miniature catamaran, to compete with your friends (or gift for the children in the bath).

The glass bottle is both very practical and above all very elegant, it would be a shame to throw it away. Instead, it can be reused to make lots of things. With a diamond blade, you can easily cut it in half, to the size you want and create a whole lot of things. Glasses , candles , vases , you can even use them with a little imagination to make beautiful lamps .

You have understood, nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed. It was Lavoisier who said it, and we fully agree with him. Finally, making a responsible gift, with little budget and above all very creative, is within everyone's reach. So, in the saddle of Marcel, we get down to creating!

Treat yourself to our selection of organic, vegan and pesticide-free wines . Find on our site our good bottles of wine, essential appellations in France that turn heads and salivate the palate . Are you more inclined towards our wine from Provence , Côtes-du-Rhône , Languedoc Roussillon , Bordeaux , Vaucluse or the Mediterranean ?

Don't forget to keep the bottle and the cap well to make lots of gifts , for your loved ones and for you. If DIY is not your hobby, you can also find our bottles on deposit at our partner grocery stores , so you bring your bottle back and it is not destroyed. To find the grocery stores that set up the deposit, it happens right there .

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