Ce que nous apprend le coronavirus sur l'environnement et sur nous-même

What the coronavirus teaches us about the environment and ourselves

🌿 Humanity is on a break. 🌿

Everyone at home, the majority of shops closed with the exception of shops of necessity.

What this episode of the coronavirus teaches us is reconnecting with our loved ones and with ourselves, realizing the value of the present moment and taking a little more time.

What it teaches us about the environment is that we can all consume locally and especially what we don't need to go and buy on the other side of the world. We can decide to stop mass consumption, we can reduce our consumption of fish and meat to help the planet catch its breath in the face of pollution, to give animals time to repopulate before the majority of species die. extinguish, and to take care of our health too.

The coronavirus also teaches us to rediscover traveling by bike, rollerblades, scooter to get some fresh air while going shopping and admiring the nature that surrounds us. All these actions reduce pollution, allow us to reconnect with the animals who again invest the parks and ponds when they do not feel threatened by the human species.

What if this virus triggered a click in most homes? At Oé, we dream that everyone realizes that we can consume less, buy in bulk, challenge ourselves to stop buying food or things wrapped in plastic. We dream of a first small step for the planet.

Humanity is on pause, and the environment benefits greatly from the slowdown in our activities. Take care of yourself, The Oé team ❤

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