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Consume less and better for the planet

Today we would like to speak about Black Friday . This day intended to over-consume at low prices does not rhyme with ecology. Because most of the products are manufactured far from home, at low labor cost and pollute to be transported to France or elsewhere in the world, to be stored in warehouses, sometimes burned if the stocks do not leave. In short, it's an entire system to rethink and, for that, we need you to help us change the situation.

make friday green again


Black Friday was imported to France in 2010 and comes straight from the United States. This day was set up to sell off the year's stocks more quickly, a bit like a second sales session before the end of year celebrations. The goal ? Push to overconsumption, to throw away what is not used to have the latest technologies and accessories. If Black Friday was named like that, it is in reference to the black writing on the paper of the business figures in the red before the operation which turn to black after the operation. Black Friday is followed by Cyber ​​Monday , the Monday following Black Friday, on the same principle, companies offer deep discounts online.

green friday

In response to this Black Friday movement, many responsible brands have come together to advocate more responsible consumption through Green Friday .

Last year, we joined the movement launched by the fine company Faguo , a responsible fashion designer who plants trees with every purchase to offset carbon emissions. Other movements launched by other companies encourage people not to participate in Black Friday such as Green Friday created in 2017 by Envie , Make Friday Green Again created in 2019 by Faguo , Black For Good also launched in 2019 by Typology and many others. other movements like Block Friday led by Extinction Rebellion .

Learn more about the Make Friday Green Again movement

These movements, launched in response to the offensive of the consumer giants, represent a first step. It's up to all of us to join these movements to end Black Friday and everything behind it.

“You have 18 hippos in your home”


Did you know that 70% of French people want to review their way of consuming? That you have about 18 hippos in your home based on the weight of the clothes, electronics, and furniture you have? That 7 out of 10 objects that we have in our cupboards are never used and that around 60% of French people consider Black Friday as an incentive to buy products they don't need? In response to this, Faguo, the committed footwear brand, created the movement last year and brought together more than 700 companies who adhere to the message: consume less and better and simply encourage people to stop overconsumption .

green friday

Like last year, we are joining the #MakeFridayGreenAgain movement launched by @faguo to encourage you to consume less and better.
Every time we buy something, we make a choice. The choice to buy French or foreign, to buy local and seasonal or under greenhouse and pesticide, to buy responsibly or produced by underpaid people. All is not white or black. The message we want to convey is that each of us has the choice to consume in a more responsible way and to make a difference. We can all take the time to analyze our real needs, to repair or give away what no longer works or no longer pleases us, to resell, to recycle what is no longer usable and to consume what is necessary without excess. 7 out of 10 French people want to change the way they consume. And you?

Beautiful brands are attached to this initiative such as Nature & Découvertes , Aigle , Bergamotte , Naturalia , Joone , Picture Organic Clothing , Olly Lingerie , Zèta , Respire , Make My Lemonade , Tediber , Les Petits Bidons , and more than 700 others.


And this year, we want to embark you on our mission to do Good through Good .

At our level, we try to be part of the change we want to see in this world, by offering you Oé wines, organic, vegan, zero pesticide wines produced hand in hand with committed winegrowers, in a bottle from the deposit, lightened, with a recycled label and optimized packaging, in recycled cardboard and working on a Zero Waste Supply. We are more involved than ever in our mission to do good with good through our B Corp label , which drives us every day to do more and better for the planet.

Today, you have understood: we invite you to boycott Black Friday. Let's buy what we really need. Let's consume for good, for a Christmas for good.

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