Domaines viticoles en biodynamie : la liste par région

Biodynamic wine estates: the list by region

What if we changed the shopping list stuck on the fridge to a list of biodynamic wineries ? Much more original, this list will make you want to travel and make your mouth water just by reading it! Come on, we'll take you with us on this tour of France.

Biodynamics, a philosophy in its own right

Philosophy classes in high school were something... Between two naps, you probably remember hearing the names Socrates, Plato, Kant or even Descartes . And if you had been told about wine during your philosophy classes, do you think you would have been more attentive? We, for sure, so that's what we're going to do today!

Rudolf Steiner , does this name mean less to you? Well it is worn by a great gentleman from the beginning of the 20th century who combines activities (writer, occultist, poet, musicologist, teacher, philosopher…). Following the lectures he gave to farmers in 1924, organic farming took a 90° turn because he brought an anthroposophical vision to the agricultural world. Anthroposophy is a somewhat spiritual, almost mystical way of seeing things. We reassure you right away, Steiner does not advise farmers to practice the sun dance to grow fruit, but he wants farmers and the land to work as a whole . Biodynamics is then born and this philosophy is adopted by more and more farmers.

Rudolf Steiner

(Source, Wikipedia)

Young and old have a role to play in life so everyone is considered, from the ant to the moon. Until the moon you tell me, how so? Yes until the moon because in biodynamic agriculture , the lunar cycles and the lunar phases punctuate the viticulture and viniculture calendar of the winegrowers . As crazy as it sounds, there are days, like lunar node days, when the winemaker does not touch his wine and vines because they are considered unfavorable.

The influence of the moon on the tides is very well known, that on the vines much less and yet it is fascinating! If you want to dig deeper into the subject, we suggest you take a look at this page on biodynamics .

Even if Selene (goddess of the moon) is not a star in organic viticulture , biodynamics and biology are very similar and share common values. No chemical pesticides , no phytosanitary products galore and no aggressive techniques for the soil . The rule is simple, do not do to others what you would not like them to do to you. So to please Demeter - Demeter is, in Greek mythology, the goddess of agriculture and the harvest. It is also the name chosen by the biodynamic label Demeter , founded at the beginning of the 20th century. Wines certified by a goddess, not bad, right? - organic and biodynamic winegrowers equip themselves with natural fertilizers and natural fertilisers , such as horn dung , herbal preparations or even Bordeaux mixture .

The work of the biodynamic winegrower is also expressed during the vinification . To vinify his wine, the winemaker uses only indigenous inputs , he limits the addition of sulfur and lets his talent speak for itself. And grapes too of course!

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Biodynamic estates

So, this little historical review of biodynamics made you want to discover biodynamic wineries ? Follow us, we'll take you there!

Alsace: biodynamic domains

Embracing half-timbered houses, cobbled streets and flower-covered balconies, the vines of biodynamic wine estates line the Alsatian landscape.

Here is a list of some areas:

  • The Florence Pelletier estate located in the heart of the IGP Coteaux de Coiffy
  • Domaine André Rohrer , perched in the town of Mittelbergheim in the Lower Rhine
  • The Châteaux de Vaux , a must in the Moselle
  • The Hebinger family , known in Eguisheim for its wines since 1942

The Alsace wine route appeals to you as much as we do? Take part of the journey with us thanks to this article !

Burgundy: biodynamic domains

According to you, the most appreciated king of Burgundy is Charlemagne or Pinot noir ? In any case, we made our choice. Spoiler alert, it is widely used for Grands Crus !

Let's take a look at some biodynamic estates that handle Pinot and Chardonnay wonderfully:

  • Domaine Bonneau du Martray , located at the top of the hill of Corton and which was formerly the property of Charlemagne. When we tell you that there is competition, we are not lying to you
  • The Domaine de l'Abbaye de Santenay on which the Aligoté grape variety also grows
  • Domaine Rossignol-Février, a family property since 1510 (that 's a long time), and produces in particular Hautes Côtes de Beaune and the famous Volnay 1er Cru Carelle sous la Chapelle
  • Domaine Didier Montchovet , in biodynamics for 35 years, a true pillar of sustainable viticulture that respects its terroir and its vines

This thousand-talented wine-growing region has many surprises in store for us and it deserves to be visited. Here is a little article about it that will make your mouth water!

Bordeaux: biodynamic estates

There are many producers of Bordeaux wines, but we have chosen to present four major biodynamic estates to you:

  • Château Fougas , reading this name you may think of fougas bread from the bakery, yet there, it's a good AOC Côtes de Bourg waiting for you
  • Château Castel Vieilh La Salle , located in the town of Castelviel, produces very good red wines typical of the region.
  • Château Pontet-Canet , this name probably means something to you because it has been classified as a Grand Cru since 1855. The entire vineyard has been certified demeter and biodyvin since 2014
  • Le Moulin de Peyronin , with Franck and Véronique, our winegrowers Oé, life is good, the sheep graze on the grass, the hens roam and the vines are carefully maintained using natural products.

The Jura: biodynamic vineyards

Do you have your work cut out? The Jura winegrowers have grapes in the vineyards! In this beautiful region of France, we do not stop working to offer good organic wines and biodynamic wines .

Here is a non-exhaustive presentation of the Jura biodynamic wine estates :

  • The Domaine de l'Octavin , a poetic and sensitive domain, directed by Alice Bouvot, a Mozart enthusiast who pays homage to her by giving names to her cuvées in connection with the artist
  • The Domaine Champ Divin , which, just for its name, deserves a visit to Gevigney in the Jura. The Belgian couple who take care of it will welcome you with open arms
  • Les Caves Jean Bourdy , a family estate for 15 generations that reflects the history of Jura wine to fill your cellar with a wine with aromas filled with memories

So, are you ready to play short straw with the Jura winegrowers ? In any case, if you are interested, we tell you more about straw wine in this article .

Languedoc Roussillon: biodynamic vineyards

Bring your southern accent, take out your sunglasses and swimsuit to discover the biodynamic wine estates of our Languedoc friends!

Here are a few :

  • Domaine Saint Conti , located in the North-West of Montpellier and managed by Frédéric Pinguet, a winemaker who shares the same main value as us, respect for biodiversity. He offers among his wines his good
  • The Domaine de Banners which produces wines with marked aromas of Languedoc thanks to vines which grow in the Hérault garrigue
  • The Mas d'Espanet , located between Uzès and Sommières, brings life back to the vineyards of the estate, which were abandoned in the 1980s.

Well known for its good rosés, the Languedoc region has more than one trick up its sleeve. Marie-Paule, our Oé du Languedo winemaker , tells you about it better than anyone, find out in this article !

The Rhône: biodynamic wine estates

The Rhône is the region of the Oé team! In Lyon in the 69 where it all started. Since then, the Oé bird has taken off to discover our other beautiful wine regions in France. What if we rediscovered our origins by taking a tour of a few Rhone estates?

Thing promised, thing due:

  • The Domaine Achard-Vincent , born from a merger between the Domaine Achard and the Domaine Vincent allows a mixture of experiences and knowledge that has lasted for 6 generations in the Drôme
  • At Domaine de la Barotte , we find the techniques and know-how of yesteryear thanks to the mare Perle who takes care of the vine plots with a plow, a manual digging machine and manual harvesting.
  • The Domaine de la Péquélette and its beautiful motto “feet on the ground, head in the stars”, located in Vinsobres

With all these domain names, you should find your happiness. In any case, we found it and we offer you our good Oé bottles every day on our site and in our partner points of sale .

Discover our selection of good rosé wines , white wines and red wines , organic and committed ! Which vineyards would you like to travel to? Côtes-du-Rhône , Bordeaux , Vaucluse , Mediterranean , Languedoc Roussillon , Provence .

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