Faire “Le bien par le bon” avec Tarwane, artiste français

Doing “Le bien par le bon” with Tarwane, French artist

With the Oé team, we are happy to present our new collaboration with Tarwane , an artist who has made his passion his profession. For this collaboration, he put at the heart of his creation “ Le Bien Par Le Bon ” which characterizes our wines and our B Corp commitments to offer you a limited edition cuvée . Discover without further delay our exchange with Matthieu.

sweatshirt and bottle of organic wine

How did you come to become an artist?

“I've always done lettering and graffiti since I was 15. I started in the 90s with graffiti and I quickly got caught by the BAC. I continued with 5 weekends of general work scratching walls on the SNCF tracks - it was mainly on the railway track that I did my graffiti. I was about to be 17. It calmed me down and I settled down. I finally found a job with children where I climbed the ladder for 17 years. And then almost 5 years ago, in January 2016, I took to Instagram to share my creations. It worked right away, the followers quickly climbed (between 15 and 20k followers per year), I was able to project myself on my artistic career. For 2 years, I did a project a day without ever letting go when I got home from work in the evening, which I kept in parallel. Workload has never scared me. When my daughter was born 3 years ago, I decided to quit my job and started my own business as an artist.

I grew up with parents who were artists in their spare time and who always encouraged me to get started. I was young and with a strong spirit of contradiction. It took me a long time to follow their advice. I left school early because I didn't like it and I felt like I was going there to please my teachers and my parents. When I had to find a job, I learned everything on my own to get there. I am self-taught, I have always trained in everything.”

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

“Inspiration comes from everywhere. In the street, in a park, in the subway, and mainly from my daughter. The words come like that. When I'm out of inspiration , I scratch a capital letter at random, I find a letter that follows and then I brainstorm and find what I'm going to write pretty quickly. Once, during a migraine, I worked on the “aspirin” graffiti. I also did a “fuck racism” a while ago when I came out for the death of George Floyd… Basically, the inspiration came from a guy insulting a black person on the subway.

In general, I mainly draw positive things - except in very exceptional cases - because I like to motivate people, do fun things and imagine people laughing behind their phones. I play a lot with people, I like knowing that they will reflect on one of my creations, that they will laugh, smile or feel emotions.

Tarwane drawing

Who do you usually work with?

“I work with a lot of foreign clients for the creation of logos and graphic charters. About 80% foreign customers and 20% French. I'm lucky not to have to canvass a lot, clients come mainly by word of mouth and from my instagram account to work with me. I also work on a voluntary basis. For example, I offered a letter to the Secours Populaire de Lyon with whom I'm doing an event soon. This event brings together about fifteen artists at the end of September and I take care of the storefront.”

Why Oe?

“I like committed projects. I like people who move for themselves and for good causes. Your organic wine cuvées, the way your winegrowers work, speaks to me. And all the more since I have my daughter. At home, we try to do good deeds. My wife fought for us to have access to compost in the condominium, we buy a lot in bulk and we only travel by public transport. Your commitments echo those that I am trying to put in place on a personal basis and I enjoyed the project very much.”

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Languedoc The Good through the Good by Tarwane x Oé

Do you have an anecdote to tell us?

“I have lots of anecdotes but I would say that I didn't skip class to smoke joints, I went home to draw and see fellow artists with whom we created things. I loved that.

As an artist, I like to draw a picture related to a song that I know might stick in people's minds all day. It amuses me a lot.”

What is your motto?

“Stay positive, never give up and give yourself the means to do what you love”

I walk to the challenge, I challenge myself and I give myself the means. Life isn't just about work. And everyone can create the job of their dreams, invent their style and reinvent themselves.”

Why did you choose Tarwane as a pseudonym?

“I changed my name a bit, Matthieu Tarrin, to make it easier to pronounce. I wanted a name that didn't look like the others: Tarwane”

If you are curious and want to discover this collaboration, go to oeforgood.com . We present to you the Le Bien par le Bon sweatshirt and bottle to spread the message of Le Bien par le Bon around you ;-)
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