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Alsace: A magnificent region full of assets!

The beautiful Alsace, you have to take the time to come and discover its charms. Each season offers different characteristics.
Alsace vineyard

Spring in Alsace is magnificent. Nature is reborn, the villages are blooming, the vines are turning green again and it is not too hot. An ideal time to come to Alsace and discover the region by bike!

Summer is the high tourist period. So there are more people, but it's worth it. The weather is generally nice and warm, the vines are laden with beautiful bunches of grapes, all of Alsace is in bloom. And if it's too hot, there's nothing like a quick trip to the Vosges to cool off. Strasbourg is the most famous city in Alsace and sightseeing there is a must. Strasbourg Cathedral is one of the strong symbols that makes Alsatians proud. The city center of Strasbourg called "Little France" is very pleasant and it is good to stroll there in a medieval atmosphere thanks to the typical half-timbered houses of Alsace.

September to October is harvest season! Gradually, the vines turn from green to orange-yellow. The colors are superb, the temperature still pleasant.

A great time to visit Alsace! Direction Colmar, nestled in the heart of the Alsace Wine Route. We let ourselves slide on the waters of the Lauch aboard a flat-bottomed boat to appreciate the charms of the city of Bartholdi. At stake ? A unique view of the half-timbered facades of the romantic district of Little Venice.

The end of the year is marked by the period of the Christmas markets, which is also a high tourist season. Alsace is a magical region at the time of the holidays: many Christmas markets in the towns and villages, very neat decoration of the houses, everything contributes to a magical atmosphere.

In winter, the tourist period is hollow. Alsace is a little sad, except in the mountains. The period is ideal for skiing, snowshoeing, dog sledding, etc. The resorts of the Vosges are small family resorts but there is already plenty to do, especially since the landscapes are superb! As a bonus, the prices are much more affordable than in the Alps.

This period is also incredible for visiting the most famous fortified castle and one of the most visited monuments in Alsace: the Haut Koenigsbourg castle . The visit is an unforgettable highlight of any stay in Alsace. The castle welcomes more than half a million visitors every year! It is one of the most visited monuments in France.

For wine lovers, we recommend the Wine Route. Do not hesitate to go and taste the wonderful certified organic wines from Domaine Schmitt et Carrer where you will be warmly welcomed by Sylvie and Anne-Cécile Carrer. The family cultivates the 7 regional grape varieties and works on 3 of the 51 Alsatian Grands Crus. (Domaine Schmitt and Carrer 11 Place du Lieutenant Dutilh 68240 Kientzheim)

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