Le Jura, ou l’appellation qui grimpe en flèche

The Jura, or the appellation that is soaring

The Jura is a region that perpetuates a rich and fascinating wine and gastronomic tradition. Who has never heard of the “breakthrough of yellow wine”, or tasted a delicious refined Comté? The types of wines produced here are intimately linked to a series of indigenous grape varieties, and the most widespread chardonnay, gamay and pinot noir.

Savagnin and the fabulous yellow wine

Let's start with the essential Savagnin which gives the famous yellow wines, these mysterious nectars… From a vinification point of view, the winegrower places his wine in barrels, which unlike classic wines, are never filled during ageing. Making the level of wine in a barrel is called “ouiller”. This manipulation avoids oxidation of the wines. In the Jura, this controlled oxidation causes the appearance of a veil of yeast in the barrel, which will give this inimitable taste of nuts, curry, dried fruits... This family of so-called oxidative wines have an impressive longevity, they also deserve a prolonged decanting. A Côtes du Jura to qualify for the Vin Jaune denomination must stay at least 6 years and 3 months in barrel before being bottled in the inimitable clavelin, containing 62cl. Finally, there is an appellation devoted solely to yellow wine, the picturesque village of Château-Chalon.

Yellow wine or other sailing wines are to be tasted with Comté, for the obvious harmony, but they also accompany the famous chicken in yellow wine and morels. Some even invite him with the lobster. The possibilities are limitless.

Chardonnay and other wonders

Chardonnay, famous in Burgundy, is very present in the Jura. It is often assembled in Savagnin, matured under veil, or ouille, more classically. Many winegrowers have proven its potential as a single varietal (not blended) for the delight of blind tastings!

Poulsard or Ploussard as it is called in Arbois gives very clear red wines, with an intriguing smoky, wild taste, unique in its kind. It is the ideal companion to the Morteau sausage. Trousseau, also red, gives very fruity wines, often more consensual than the illustrious Poulsard. Pinot Noir and Gamay are present, often with conclusive results.

Straw wine is a wine made from straw-dried grapes, as its name suggests. It is extremely sweet, very concentrated. Many actors resort to drying in plastic boxes to the great despair of certain purists, who see in the hygienist society a threat to tradition. This wine is often mistakenly confused with yellow wine. They are, however, diametrically opposed.

Macvin is a blend of grape juice and Marc. We know it in white as in red. It can be consumed as an aperitif, as a digestive, at any time... Finally, Crémant du Jura continues to progress and gives very interesting results in many areas. It is often more "winy" than other crémants, and offers a real alternative to Champagne.

There would still be so much to say about this beautiful region, which is continually reinventing itself, while drawing on the roots of time. A visit is essential: the landscapes are magnificent and the welcome impeccable!

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