Le Kaba, comparateur de solutions éco-responsables : vous connaissez ?

The Kaba, comparator of eco-responsible solutions: do you know?

Today, we wanted to introduce you to a great team: Le Kaba , a comparator of eco-responsible solutions . After telling you about We Dress Fair, our friends and talented actors in responsible fashion, The Trust Society, the marketplace for sustainable consumption and Kazidomi in one of our last blog posts, we thought it was great to tell you about it. more about the responsible consumption comparator Le Kaba through an interview with Éloïse and the founders of the concept. Are you ready to discover them? Let's go !

Can you tell us about the history of Kaba?

“Founded by Claire-Anne Coriat and Caroline Vivant, both on the way to a greener way of life for a few years. At the beginning of 2020, they decided to leave their respective jobs to undertake. Results ? They created the start-up Le Kaba in full confinement to take concrete action and help as many people as possible to consume more responsibly .

After yet another evening searching the internet for a green energy supplier (for Claire-Anne) and jeans that haven't circled the Earth 3 times before landing in her dressing room (for Caroline), they come to the same conclusion: consuming responsibly is more complicated than just consuming ! Scandalous, isn't it? While we all know that we must profoundly change our consumption patterns if we want to limit global warming . For responsible consumption to become the norm, it has to be easy. That's why they invented Le Kaba !”

Kaba, what is it? And how does it work?

L e Kaba searches, compares and selects the best eco-responsible solutions for all daily activities! If you are looking for an organic and effective deodorant , a homemade detergent recipe , sneakers that pollute less than those on your feet, an ethical bank , a refurbished phone ... you have come to the right place!

You will find decryptions, tutorials, practical advice comparisons and selections of REALLY eco-responsible products to choose with full awareness. At a glance, you will be able to see the place of manufacture, the materials, the labels, the production method... Everything has been dissected for the consumer! You can also use the eco-responsibility index to rate the products.”

What are the figures that make you tilt the most?

Nearly 60% of French people believe that it is difficult to consume responsibly (2021 ObSoCo survey). 38% say that the lack of information hinders them in taking action . We want to remove this obstacle by offering super practical and concrete information to help consumers adopt new habits.”

How many people are there in the Kaba?

“The Kaba team now has around ten motivated and passionate people: journalists, web developers, communicators...”

How do you do the comparisons?

“To carry out the comparisons, our journalists search, compare and list in the ecological sphere the best references of products or services studied . An eco-responsibility index allows consumers to find out about the degree of commitment of the brands offered . Once the comparison is online, users have the option of leaving a thumbs up or thumbs down to rate their experience with the products and services. This allows us to modify the comparisons as needed to replace or add more effective or interesting references.”

Did you know the concept? At Oé, we love it! Do not hesitate to give us your opinion in the comments or by email to hello@oeforgood.com ;)

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