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Oé, we are launching the "Oé Program for Biodiversity"!

For some time, we have been thinking about setting up a program to take our mission of doing right with good one step further. We are proud to present the “Oé Program for Biodiversity” ;-)

Create a program to go further in our approach

A few months ago we launched our organic and committed wines that we send to you in 100% recycled and recyclable packaging. A committed wine? What is that? Well, we thought of a bottle which, from content to container, is consistent at 360°: without cap because its composition is harmful for the environment; a natural cork from an FSC forest in Portugal; a recycled, recyclable label, not bleached with chlorine and affixed with a water- soluble glue; a zero pesticide wine, tested on 425 molecules; an organic, good and vegan wine bottled 60km from Lyon in the Pierres Dorées; and finally a recycled bottle, light (405g) and from the deposit as much as possible. To find out more about our bottles, it's here.

And we wanted to go even further by creating the Oé Program for biodiversity.

The mission ? Raising our community's awareness of environmental issues and helping our winegrowers to go ever further in their efforts, in order to promote sustainable viticulture that puts biodiversity to the benefit of healthy and positive production.

Surround yourself with partners to propose relevant actions

To offer the best experience, we have chosen to surround ourselves. Our partners are the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO) Rhône-Alpes Auvergne , which is an association that works to protect species and raise everyone's awareness of the environment; and the Lyon startup, Biomede, which offers to analyze and depollute soils of heavy metals if necessary.


They each support us on different aspects:

  • The LPO guides us to preserve biodiversity on land and in the air
  • and Biomede on living underground.

In concrete terms, the Oé Program is:

  • Conferences organized and led by the LPO in the field (in the vineyards), at our Oé winegrowers or at our premises in Lyon,
  • Guided tours in the vineyards to become aware of the existing biodiversity and their impact on the development of the vines and adjacent plants,
  • An analysis of the soils and the existing biodiversity in the vines of our winegrowers and advice to improve the quality of the soil by Biomede
  • Constant awareness of our winegrowers


Internal funding

To carry out our program, we have decided to devote 1% of our turnover to it. This budget makes it possible to cover the expenses of our awareness-raising events and to offer our Oé winegrowers an analysis of their soils and of the existing biodiversity.

See you on the networks to follow the adventures of the program :-)

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