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The 10 easy challenges to save the planet on our scale

When we think about climate change and the ecology as a whole, we sometimes feel distraught about the situation. At Oé, we would like to give you some “positive vibes”, because we sincerely believe that it is better to have 6 billion people who make small efforts than one person who behaves perfectly when it comes to the environment. So here is our top 10 challenges we are throwing at you! 

  1. Turn off the water in the shower and the tap for soaping up and brushing your teeth. Did you know that we save thousands of liters of water on the bill by turning off the water.
  2. Consume local and seasonal : at the supermarket, we look at the origin of the vegetables, we arm ourselves with our seasonal calendar. The advantage of the calendar is that it boosts the troops to vary meal ideas. And among small producers, we necessarily consume in season!
  3. Supply your house or apartment with renewable energies . For example, WattValue - an energy service company, which works with local, French and renewable energy producers with very low environmental impact labeled B Corp since 2017 - is also committed to biodiversity with its partner Rivières Sauvages which protects and preserves the wild rivers of Europe. It promotes renewable energies and educates professionals for a more positive energy transition. Other players such as Enercoop , Planète Oui and Plüm Energies offer similar offers.
  4. Buy in bulk and preferably in organic stores . Most ? 1) having products that keep better by storing them in airtight jars, 2) very aesthetic for decorating a kitchen, 3) it's easier to see what you have and therefore limit waste. Awesome, right?
  5. Decorate your house or apartment with artisanal creations and “Made in France” decoration to support artisans in your region or French productions.
  6. Upcycle your clothes and accessories to resell them in flea markets . In addition to having a good time with family or friends (yes, it's better to go there accompanied so as not to get bored), you will have this satisfaction of having made someone happy with something that you no longer have. need. And you will get a little pactol from it to buy Oé wines (we say that, we don't say anything) ;-)
  7. Buy untreated, French plants that last over time . The cultivation of flowers and plants is a scourge for the environment. So what to do when you are in love with greenery and the good smell of flowers? You “simply” have to choose the florist or the store where you buy them.
  8. Reuse your water from salads, starches and legumes to provide nutrients to your body and your plants at home. These waters have many benefits, here is an article to explain how it works from A to Z.
  9. Improvise yourself pro DIY and workshops to create your furniture, your clothes, your accessories by yourself. Between Youtube, the workshop site present throughout France WeCanDoo , you have no more excuses to get started!
  10.  Become Flexitarian or vegetarian for the suffering of animals, for the well-being of the body, the mind and for pollution . Did you know that the meat industry is 10 times more polluting than all our means of transport combined (planes, boats, cars, etc.)? To meditate…

It's up to you, all the challenges are accessible and fun to do as a family! Let us know when you've made them and send us photos. We love hearing from you all ;-)

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