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The 10 best ideas for positive, ethical and personalized gifts for Christmas

This year, have a committed party with Oé! And so that Christmas rhymes with ecology and pleasure, we offer you the 10 best gift ideas selected by the entire Oé team. But before revealing everything to you, the right thing to do is to ask yourself 3 simple questions: What gift am I offering? Is it Made in France, respectful of people and the environment? How do I offer it? Is it wrapped in furoshikis or reusable packaging? Under which tree am I offering it? Is my tree organic and FSC or PEFC certified? Or do I start creating a tree out of wooden pallets or books? Once these questions are put aside, let's go! We give you our good ideas to offer well wrapped under a committed tree. This year will be a Christmas for good!

Oé organic wine box

1 . nüMorning breakfasts

To start the day on the right foot, nothing beats a good nüMorning breakfast : granola, muesli, porridge, latte, spreads, something to treat you and make you smile. Certified AB (Organic Farming), 100% vegetable with unrefined coconut sugar and a zero plastic and compostable case, it's the good gourmet and original gift idea to offer under the tree.

2 . A kit from The Trust Society

The Trust Society is the marketplace for finding the best good for the planet! From the kitchen to the bathroom to the accessories, you are sure to find what you are looking for to pack for the holidays.

3 . An oOlution cosmetic product

oOlution is a 100% natural, organic French cosmetics brand, certified slow cosmetics since 2014. The products are not tested on animals. If you're looking for something to take care of the skin of the lucky lucky one this Christmas, it's with oOlution. Like us, they offer the deposit on their packaging! Once finished, the vials can be returned for reuse. Awesome, right?

4 . A subscription to Saveurs Green magazine

Saveurs green is the eco-responsible magazine to offer to someone around you who is interested in vegetarian cuisine, who likes well-being advice and sources of inspiration for a healthier lifestyle. Giving a subscription means making the pleasure last for several more months after the holidays!

Green Flavors

5 . The Oé box

The Oé box is the ideal gift for your loved ones who love wines that are both good and healthy: wines produced by committed winegrowers, free delivery within 24 to 48 hours in a beautiful box with a personalized note.

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At , we are committed to doing good from A to Z, from content to container, in the relationship with our customers. We offer you the best organic wines produced hand in hand with French winegrowers and committed to organic and / or biodynamics, then we deliver to you quickly in attractive recycled and recyclable boxes. Delivery is carbon neutral. In addition to making a gift that is too good, you are making a unique gift that you can personalize with sweet words. That's the magic Oé!

For those who like to go to the end of things, we are B Corp certified , the label which certifies that every day, we invest ourselves for a better world by coming by bike to the office, by consuming organic and in bulk, by working in premises powered by renewable energy… Come take part in the adventure and spread the magic of Christmas!

Make Christmas with the good and uncork good organic wines !

6 . The books “ Invent tomorrow ” and “ Zero waste

Many are content to imagine what our society will become tomorrow. Others, like Isaac Getz, Nicolas Hulot, Elon Musk have already started to act. To offer Inventing tomorrow is to make one of your loved ones discover 20 possible ideas to make our world more responsible, more positive, healthier, fairer, happier; and that, we love.

And if you don't know Béa Johnson (yet), it's time to discover her Zero Waste book . This Frenchwoman lives in the United States and has taken up the challenge of considerably reducing her waste on a daily basis, and it's been successful! Its motto: refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, compost. This book will bring you 1000 tips to switch to zero waste mode and will show you that, yes, it is possible!

7 . Writing paper

Receiving a letter is always heartwarming than reading an email. What if you took the time to write beautiful letters to your loved ones, or simply offer them a nice stationery to invite them to write to you? We offer you a very simple paper that focuses on quality, by Compagnie du Kraft , producer since 1930 of notebooks. Let your creativity run wild!

8. An Arpin throw

When you think of a plaid, you see yourself comfortably installed by the fireplace with a good book and a good glass of Oé wine . Offer this moment to one of your loved ones, there is nothing better! In addition to all that, the Arpin house manufactures its own products, in the depths of the Alps, with the wool of sheep from the neighboring mountain pastures. Just for that, we are a fan!

9 . A vegetable garden!

To offer a vegetable garden is to surprise your loved ones with an original gift. It is also a gesture for farmers, local producers, and for the environment and that, we like. At Oé, we love gifts that make sense, those from local productions and that respect people and the Earth. Offering a selection of good and healthy fruits and vegetables grown with love is a gift that really pleases. And it's also an opportunity to share delicious meals with your loved ones. We join!

10 . A Parrot smart potty

Who says plant, says vase, and not just any! This connected pot is perfect for those who go on vacation and want to keep their plants beautiful and healthy all year round. Your plant gets just the right amount of water, just what it needs. And in addition to all this, Parrot Pot is committed to planting a tree in Ethiopia, in the Tigray region. At Oé, we like healthy and clear procedures right to the end.

Pot Parrot

All to pack in a furoshiki Paké ! Do you remember, we made you win some and you loved them? 😉

Furoshiki Pake

For other responsible gift ideas according to your budget, it's here!

Gifts under 15€

Lamazuna. The small cocoa butters will be perfect for your Secret Santa (€9.90). Shiloé soap factory. Oat milk soap to gently cleanse the skin (€5.60). Breathe. The solid kit with soap and shampoo (€12.30). Typology . Offer the comfort of a sulfate-free and silicone-free shampoo (€11).

Gifts from 15€

The Trust Society. Fall for a cocooning box or a gourmet aperitif box (22€). Karethic. A kit of 5 natural and vegan treatments to take care of your loved ones (50€). The French slip. A box of stylish socks (45€).

Nice gifts

Tediber. For incredible nights full of sweet dreams, the made in France Tediber pillows (€85). Patagonia. The backpack for hiking in complete safety (110€). Veja. The pair of vegan sneakers (from €115). Hoopal. The 100% recycled and French women 's t-shirt (45€). Life is Belt. A recycled bicycle tire belt (39€)

We hope to have boosted your creativity to spoil - while being responsible - your loved ones for the holidays. Don't hesitate to let us know in the comments of all your other gift ideas. This year it's Christmas for good :)

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