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Maison Lili aperitif boxes: meeting with its founder Aurélie

Been to Maison Lili? It is Aurélie's idea to offer aperitif boxes in the Lyon region and more precisely in the west of Lyon. Its aperitif boxes are made up of cheeses and cold meats, something to confine joyfully at the moment! Want to know more? Let's go !

Lili house aperitif box and Oé wine

Can you tell me about Maison Lili in a few sentences?

“Maison Lili is a concept of ready-to-eat aperitif boxes, made up of local, good, healthy and safe products based on the charcuterie, cheese and wine triptych of course! My wish: to provoke a unique and authentic experience around the aperitif, during moments of pleasure to share with friends, family or during an afterwork in the company. My local partners, artisan producers mainly located in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, are selected for their values ​​in line with my consumer-responsible concept. They are thus part of my committed approach "Made in not far from here", to promote in Lyon and in the West Lyonnais the know-how of our producers.

What was the trigger for you to embark on the adventure?

“Our Earth has been abused for too long. It is urgent to act for our planet, we know it, but how? If I can, through the Maison Lili aperitif trays, contribute, in my own way, to offering a simple opportunity to consume responsibly, then I go there without hesitation! We have such a diversity of committed producers around Lyon: farmers, agriculturists, arborists, breeders, winegrowers… it seemed obvious to me to value their work and our exceptional terroir.”

Aurélie Bard, Founder of Maison Lili

What are your commitments?

“The Maison Lili ethical charter revolves around simple actions to promote a good, local, natural, responsible product. In particular: guarantee the quality and freshness of the products; unearth local and regional nuggets to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible ; offer a seasonal product, raw, without additives or preservatives; commit to zero-plastic, bio-based, 100% recyclable and bio-compostable packaging ; create a fair relationship with our partners and promote fair remuneration for craftsmen. And otherwise, my commitment is to make my products loved and to be proud, every day, to have small victories when my customers' eyes shine!”

For you, what is a good wine? Why did you choose Oé organic wines?

“A good wine is a wine that creates an emotion. A good wine always gives me that little feeling that wakes me up, makes me travel, remember... and enjoy the moment.

Oé organic wines are a very nice discovery that immediately seduced me as the values ​​of committed winegrowers are one with the brand and its credo. “The good through the good”, as obvious, quite simply.”

Where can we meet Maison Lili?

“Rather than the consumer traveling to a single place, it is Maison Lili that goes to meet epicureans. I don't have a physical store, but I have a strong conviction of the relevance of click & collect: it's the Maison Lili mobile truck that sets up shop in the squares of the villages in the West of Lyon! An online order placed before noon - Monday to Saturday - will be available the same day at the nearest pick-up point. Dardilly, La-Tour-de-Salvagny and Charbonnières-les-Bains are the first towns to welcome me. Very soon, Ecully and Tassin-la-Demi-Lune should extend the coverage of the territory. Finally, home or business delivery, as well as distribution via local partner shops, complete the presence of Maison Lili near Lyon.”

What is your long-term vision/ambition?

“My vision is made of a dream. That of succeeding in multiplying locally the “Maison Lili” in the different regions of France, because each one is unique, and enjoys a biodiversity to be valued. Our country is a fertile land, the women and men who work it invested with passion and talent, and often committed to better production: it is urgent to be aware of this! To go further, promoting the " Made in not far from here ", in each of its daily choices, seems to me to make sense. But with pragmatism, let's start with our plate and the terroir of the "great region of Lyon" which has so much to offer.”

What is the thing you are most proud of?

“My pride is to have built Maison Lili, which has just been created, with the help of my family... This project, which creates moments of sharing and conviviality around an aperitif tray and a good glass of wine, I live it with my heart, because it's a nod to my father. He would have loved the idea. My dearest wish is to initiate these moments where everyone enjoys, in an uninhibited way, this moment of freedom and freshness!”

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