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Bubbles… In all their forms!

Today, the Oé team is spicing up your evening with a topo on bubbles in wine. Sparkling wine, champagne or crémant, we explain everything to you!

Carbonated sparkling wine is obtained by adding exogenous carbon dioxide to a base of white wine. It is generally used in cocktails or in cooking, because its taste is limited. The effervescence is artificial, which does not allow the development of aromas specific to the prize de mousse by second fermentation.

Let's quickly mention the family of natural sparkling wines, bottled before the end of fermentation, known as the ancestral method, such as the famous Cerdon. It can be white or rosé, and will always be slightly sweet. It is a bubble for all times, particularly appreciated chilled in summer, as an aperitif or as a dessert.

The sparkling family includes all cuvées produced by a second fermentation in the bottle. The wine is vinified initially as a white wine (we speak of clear wines in Champagne) to which an expedition liqueur is added. This little preparation made of sugar and yeast will cause foaming in the bottle. This is the noblest of methods, also called the Champagne method. Champagne is obviously the most prestigious of sparkling wines, it comes from a unique terroir and benefits from historical know-how.

Crémants follow the same manufacturing processes as Champagne. This is why they offer a good alternative, Champagne being sometimes too expensive. Haven't we ever heard that “a good Crémant is much better than a “bad Champagne”? Indeed the cost of production in Champagne of the grape reduced to the price of the land necessarily increases the price of the bottle compared to that of Crémant. In other words, a Champagne lined up in supermarket gondola ends and presented at a sacrificed price cannot be produced responsibly. Designed in a hyper-industrial way, it will not give any pleasure to the tasting.

The Crémants du Jura draw their quality from a top-notch terroir, healthy vine management, and know-how passed down from generation to generation. It can be served with cooked dishes, as an aperitif with some gougères, cheeses... It is enough on its own to celebrate the little pleasures of everyday life!

There is a lot to be said for sparkling wines. The best thing is to put your money where your mouth is: open, saber, and be careful, blow the cork up towards the ceiling!

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